Polyvinyl Records, 2011
Reviewed by Kent Manthie
Calling all of Montreal fans: if you dig the scene Kevin Barnes is tripping in these days, you will also love Starfucker. Their new CD, Reptilians,is a wicked, outer-space, party-people album that shines from start to finish. The mesmerizing, sex-fueled, dada-style they play is what recalls the best of Of Montreal, the underrated but fabulous iconoclastic lovers of sin.Hailing from Portland, OR, this quartet, made up of Josh Hodges, Ryan Blomstad, Shawn Glassford and Keil Corcoran have been around for around 7 years or so and over the time that they’ve been making music they’ve developed a niche that is part flower-power, part-electro-synth-slickness, yet, even without the added synth-effects, studio polishing, overdubbing, etc, their songs, structured as they are, still stand up well, meaning they could abandon all the toys and just strip it down to the singer, an acoustic guitar, a small drum kit and maybe a piano and it would still be just as riveting and just as catchy.In other words, the bright brilliance of the Starfucker sound is not just ear-candy because of its reliance on myriad effects, which I don’t mean to denigrate; in fact, I say kudos to them for the hard work on the summer-evoking pop spirit embedded in the trippy, light-fused electro-fueled temper. If Starfucker did an Unplugged style performance, where they would’ve been stripped down to acoustic guitars, acoustic bass and maybe a limited drum kit, the songs here would’ve been just as compelling, which shows that it’s not just flashy gimmickry but well-done songwriting at bottom that endures.The ones that are good enough to be stripped down are, in this author’s opinion, are “Born”, “Astoria” and “Death as a Fetish”. The others should probably stay the way they are and were meant to be – with electronics intact and the danceablilty they evoke left standing. But don’t just take my word for it – although take heed indeed – check it out for yourself and feel the waves of sound caress your body – it is a very sensual album
This is a very danceable record that makes one sweat from the gyrations on the danceteria’s dance floor – you may get soaked but the feeling will be a thrilling, exhilarating and sensual rush that will make you grin and grin – and don’t forget those glow sticks!
Any follower of Athens, GA-based of Montreal will appreciate Starfucker, they both fit into the same eclectic, chemical energy, party-people fun time crowd and another thing is that on of Montreal’s 2010 release, False Priest will recognize their name as one of the remixers of the song “Coquet Coquette”. which, besides its original form, shows up at the end of the album in two remixed forms; one is a Yip Deceiver remix and the other is a Starfucker remix.  So, not only do the two bands have a sound in common, they have worked together as well.  Hopefully we’ll see another collaboration in the future.
You may have a hard time locating this in your average chain record store; if you do, go to your neighborhood independent store (from whom you should always buy music anyway) and you might find it there, or else go to Polyvinyl’s website:  Either way, it’s a freak show of the highest caliber. –KM

Polyvinyl Record Co.

Polyvinyl is an independent record label with a diverse family of bands, including: of Montreal, Deerhoof, Joan of Arc, Owen, Japandroids, Birthmark, American Football and many more.

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