The Finer Points of Sadism

Full of Hooks

Review by Kent Manthie


The Finer Points of Sadism is a duo consisting of husband/wife Jacob & Ashley Sackett, hailing from Boise, ID.  They’ve been making music for about a decade now – going back to their mid-teens as they’re now in their mid-20s.

Their new release, Full of Hooks is another in a long line of interesting mish-mash of wicked metallic noise/voice samplings, guitars being used in a variety of ways.

The opening cut, “Sea Quarters” reminds me of Sonic Youth – even the voice sounds a little like Lee Ranaldo, but not only that – the crushing, sonic screaming of the guitar, and the atmospherics are a reminder of some of SY’s more interesting moments.

It’s interesting to see the list of influences they have on their bio page on Facebook – it’s an eclectic mix of styles:  Throbbing Gristle, Wall of Voodoo, Psychic TV, Swans, Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cramps, Devo and more.  I know I can definitely hear where their love of Throbbing Gristle/Psychic TV comes in.

On track #4, “Rogue Month”, the influence of Joy Division really comes out, most especially with the bass and the deep, dark vocal.

Their instrumentation is a bit unique, in that they try to focus on using more analog equipment – obviously you have guitar, bass and vocal; but there’s also a mélange of “vintage” synthesizers, circuit bent electronics, Ace & Univox drum machines and a variety of experimental stuff, like “field recordings”, aka “found sounds”, cassette “experimentation”, altered guitars and guitar effects as well as even an altered Atari 2600(!) (Remember those old things?) that they mine for unique beats, synth sequences as well as other singularities.

This album differs a bit from another one that I reviewed by them, A Deeper Appreciation for Hatred, which has more of a noisy-drone-experimental bent to it.  Full of Hooks, by comparison, seems more “accessible” in terms of rock music in general.  I’d say that Full of Hooks is much more on the level of Joy Division, Bauhaus and Swans, whereas A Deeper Appreciation of Hatred is more in the area of Throbbing Gristle, Whitehouse and a lot of the circuit-bent, experimental, noise-drone bands coming out today.

Whichever of the type of styles you dig, there’s bound to be something there for the fan of experimental, dark, neo-goth, etc. on here.   To get more information on these guys, check ‘em out at Facebook – just put in their name in the search box and you’ll be directed to their home page with a bio as well as samples of their music and free, downloadable songs.  You can also download the full albums as well, just go to my page, for one, “HIPSTER PALACE #3” (Kent Manthie) and you’ll be able to get it from there.  If you aren’t able to get into it for some reason (it’s supposed to be an open group, but you still might need to get access to the group – I didn’t have any control in that – I tried to open it up, but people still need to be “put” into it – so, if you want, just click on that you want to be included in it and I will put you in ASAP.

Anyway, however you manage to get your hands on a copy – ENJOY!!  -KM


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