The Fantastic World of Sadism!

The Finer Points of Sadism

A Deeper Appreciation for Hatred


Review by Kent Manthie

Lately I’ve been getting lots of albums by various netlabels featuring all sorts of interesting bands/artists who’ve put together albums’ worth of material for download.  Well, I’ve been doing a lot of downloading of music lately and one of the newer bands I’ve come across is The Finer Points of Sadism.  They are an avant-garde/experimental/noise band that uses cut-ups, found-sounds, discordant metallic sounds, and industrial-grade machine noise that is really edgy but that also has something catchy about it at the same time.

The Finer Points of Sadism is a “Netlabel” band that consists of Jacob Sackett and Ashley Sackett (Mrs. Sackett or Ms. Sackett?-wife or sister?)  Jacob handles the guitars, percussion, synths, rhythm beats and other “FX”, while Ashley does duties on the bass, synths, steel guitar as well as more “FX”.

A Deeper Appreciation for Hatred is just one of about two or three of these guys’ albums I’ve received.   This one is full of rambling, instrumental psycho-metal-machine stuff:  synths, distortion guitar effects, drum machine, etc.  Each song has a life of its own and they’re differentiated by the, believe it or not, catchiness of the deeply embedded hooks on them.  For instance, the first cut, the title track, is a 5-minute odyssey that pulses and throbs with noisy guitar chunks and a low-note playing guitar that sort of warbles underneath and still, yet, a third guitar chimes in with high-pitched screams and whistles.  It has a sort of cinematic feel to it – like it could be the incidental music for some dark, dreary horror flick or psychodrama.  About halfway into it a drum machine kicks in and starts off with a steady beat that quickly takes up speed and, with it, quickens the pace of the whole thing.

“Hammershteen”, the next tune, has a race car sound to it, via a guitar and with it a bunch of other noise-making guitars and a steady beat from a drum machine.

But soon the album just takes on a life of its own, turning into a hodgepodge of more noise-rock, drone and sampled voices that pop-up here and there.  It’s not at all grating and is actually a nice thing to have on in the background while you’re typing or doing work or whatnot.

One very interesting cut is “DMT – What Can You Show Me?” – a harking back to that old 1960s-era designer drug  (DMT) that was a real smash – somewhere in between LSD-MDMA-GHB and speed.  I’m glad I’m not the only one of this generation who knows what DMT was (is?  Do they still make that shit?)

But, it’s hard to pick out one song out of the 10 on here to say “this is my favorite” – but, then again, the aforementioned “DMT…” comes close, but so does track 7, the 8 minute long “Why Not Die –Around Me…” – a long, weirded out concoction of noise-drone-metal machine music that really enervates one.

All in all, I’d have to say that The Finer Points of Sadism is quite a good combo and has some very cool stuff to put out in the coming future.  They are also the essence of “independent” – not being associated with ANY label – just an internet phenomenon that is available online through sites like Facebook.

Check them out on Facebook by searching for “Finer Points of Sadism” – and you’ll be directed to one or more pages that feature some of their latest work and bios about the duo and also what they “used” on the particular album and/or what inspired it.

Look for more upcoming reviews on some of their other releases to come soon.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in industrial/noise/drone/ambient music, you will definitely be putting TFPS on the top of your list of new things to check out/listen to.

Also – if you’d like a copy of A Deeper Appreciation of Hatred, go to Facebook and type that name in the search box and the below picture/album cover should appear and from there you just click “download”…ENJOY!!!  – KM



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