Something cool from the past…

Here is a little photostat I found online from an old LIFE (??!!) Magazine by Brion Gysin – a good friend and sometime collaborator of William S. Burroughs’s. This is an excerpt from Gysin’s work  Minutes To Go, from 1960. Also, Gysin was a close friend of Burroughs who was w/Bill in Tangier around the […]

Be My Valentine…Dammit!

Mister Valentine The Whites of Their Eyes Give Up Your Ghost Records Reviewed by Kent Manthie     The band that Brian Warren left to form Weatherbox, Mister Valentine is, in comparison, an edgier, more volatile-sounding band that has a very emotional box of dead roses it wears on its shredded sleeve. The Whites of Their […]

Take it To the Man, Man

Weatherbox Follow the Rattle of the Aghan Guitar Youth Conspiracy Records Review by Kent Manthie   Formed in 2005 in San Diego, CA, Weatherbox is an Emo band started by Brian Warren, late, of My American Heart and Mister Valentine. Originally Weatherbox was signed to Doghouse Records on which they released American Art, in May […]

The Sweet Smell of Slithering Serenadists

oF Montreal Daughter of Cloud Polyvinyl Records Reviewed by Kent Manthie Of Montreal, coming on the heels of their recently released Paralytic Stalks, has just come out with Daughter of Cloud, a 17-song mélange of superb outtakes, extras and whatnot, from the same sessions.  This shows that Kevin Barnes & Co. have been working madly, […]

Ambient Love

Ike & Sue “69” Stirner Τὸ Μεγα Θηρίον Reviewed by Kent Manthie The newest release by Tony “Ike” Stirner & his wife, Sue, entitled Τὸ Μεγα Θηρίον, is a 3-song EP which is really out there, in a netherworld of starkness and deep obsession with machinery and metallic industrial ambient-drone sounds, released on the netlabel, […]