Enter SMAT

Smat Smat Sirona Records Review by Kent Manthie   The latest, self-titled album by the worldly Spaniard, Smat Erebus, who releases his albums under “Smat” is tagged as being “dubstep” – which doesn’t really seem to do justice to the eclectic, busy sounding tunes on this CD.  The music is totally electronic, with snatches of […]

Anarchic apocalypse at your doorstep

OsO4/Stirner – Split EP Telecum SkumRex Recordings, 2012 Review by Kent Manthie   Well, I’m back, everyone.  Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been ill and my roommate broke her damn foot too, so I’ve had to help her around as well, so all that has kept me both busy and sick. Anyway, to get […]

Tanned, Tested & Rested…

Thanks for 4 More Years! Kent Manthie Hi everyone.  Sorry for the dearth of postings in the past week or two – I’ve been on vacation.  But I’m back now and I wanted to just post a little something to whet your appetites. Well, it’s Sunday morning right now, November 11, 2012 as I write […]


Thoughts on Election Eve… By Kent Manthie   This is it – it’s Monday the 5th of November – Election Day Eve.  Tomorrow, hopefully millions of Americans will be packed in lines all over the country – and in those lines – also hopefully, will be more than just old people and right-wing Christian fanatics.  […]