Enter SMAT

Smat Smat Sirona Records Review by Kent Manthie   The latest, self-titled album by the worldly Spaniard, Smat Erebus, who releases his albums under “Smat” is tagged as being “dubstep” – which doesn’t really seem to do justice to the eclectic, busy sounding tunes on this CD.  The music is totally electronic, with snatches of […]

Tanned, Tested & Rested…

Thanks for 4 More Years! Kent Manthie Hi everyone.  Sorry for the dearth of postings in the past week or two – I’ve been on vacation.  But I’m back now and I wanted to just post a little something to whet your appetites. Well, it’s Sunday morning right now, November 11, 2012 as I write […]


Thoughts on Election Eve… By Kent Manthie   This is it – it’s Monday the 5th of November – Election Day Eve.  Tomorrow, hopefully millions of Americans will be packed in lines all over the country – and in those lines – also hopefully, will be more than just old people and right-wing Christian fanatics.  […]