Anarchic apocalypse at your doorstep

OsO4/Stirner – Split EP


SkumRex Recordings, 2012

Review by Kent Manthie


Well, I’m back, everyone.  Sorry for the delay, but I’ve been ill and my roommate broke her damn foot too, so I’ve had to help her around as well, so all that has kept me both busy and sick.

Anyway, to get the ball rolling here, I’ve got a brand new “split EP” from OSO4 and Stirner, a 5-track EP entitled Telecum.  It’s a thrashing, ear-splitting, brain-gnawing whirligig of crippled emotion and detached reality, something about which I know a little, myself.

Cuts 1-3 are blasts by European mayhem makers 0s04 – really unique, ear-bleeding cacophony that has a certain je ne sais quois to it.  The first three tunes are from Euro-noise artists 0s04, interestingly enough, though, when you really dig deep inside the metal-on-metal, industrial noise that they play, there is a certain intelligence, a certain knowledge that is used as metaphors and allegories for the riotous, uncertain times of the world.  It’s obviously not just noise-for-noise’s sake.  They seem to be mirroring the chaos, violence and uncertainty, for starters, of the modern world that’s all around them – and us, since we’re all in this jungle together – some in better places than others.

The last two cuts are Stirner’s (“Fattening Fuck” and “The Antisocial Network”).  Two pieces of thermonuclear chaos that keep you on your toes and definitely will invade your dreams – even the most lucid of them.

In looking back at what I listened to when I first heard it, I could tell that both 0s04 and Stirner complemented each other quite nicely and all five songs seamlessly were woven together.

Both Stirner and 0s04 have Facebook pages and while I’ve written a couple reviews in the past of other Stirner releases, this was actually my first exposure to 0s04, which, alas, I had a difficult time trying to find some factual information about.  All I can say for sure is that they record for Sinora Recordings, a French outfit and that there is a lot of 0s04 stuff out there on the web for the curious.

If you’d like to find out more about either artist, check them out on their respective Facebook pages (do a search within Facebook to get to their pages) and you’ll be exposed to a nice underworld of indie, DIY, apocalyptic, anarchic, industrial-noise-experimental, atmospheric and heavily textured soundscapes.

I hope you enjoy – but beware, it’s not for the faint of heart, these “soundscapes” are far from your average “rock & roll” stuff – no verse/chorus/verse/guitar solo/chorus- style music, but rather a metallic/ambient suite of environmental sounds to entrance you that will serve well as a soundtrack to eschatological brutality.   –KM


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