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Sirona Records

Review by Kent Manthie


The latest, self-titled album by the worldly Spaniard, Smat Erebus, who releases his albums under “Smat” is tagged as being “dubstep” – which doesn’t really seem to do justice to the eclectic, busy sounding tunes on this CD.  The music is totally electronic, with snatches of an Aphex Twin sound to it, i.e., the metallic pitter of the drum machine, the minimalistic atmosphere and the way it captures the “sound” of “Bauhaus”-style art.

This eponymous album is a follow up to a CD he put out earlier this year, in March (2012) on Torn Flesh Records, under the name, “Erebus Redemption”, the album was called A Pawn of Darkness, a 12-song, on which Smat took care of all the instrumentation:  guitar, vocals, synths and electro sounds as well as the producing aspects.

This latest, self-titled album, released in October of this year is on the France-based independent label, Sirona Records.

The first track, “Antidote” starts off with a bit of reggae/dub ‘riddims’ that give it a blunt-smoking, mellow texture to it.  The next tune, “Discharge”, however, jolts you into a smashingly heavy, explosive mélange of electronica.  But after “Discharge”, “Dr. Red Ded” brings yet another stylistic change:  “Dr. Red Ded” has the same hyper-synthesized tunage and beats, yet it’s slower than the previous song, but more active than the first cut.    Another thing about “Dr. Red Ded” is that it too, as in the album’s first cut, “Antidote” has a bit of those dub riddims, but this one’s mixed it up with a slow, reggae beat underneath it all and a hail of electronic lightning flashes of beats that tantalize the ears, as icing on a cake.

The rest of the album is pretty much in the same vein; it isn’t that diverse, musically speaking, but, at the same time it isn’t an album full of carbon copies of one set of notes and/or beats:  each song has an identity of its own, which makes Smat pleasurable listening.

So far, Smat/Erebus Redemption has been putting out some creative and vivid music.  Let’s hope he keeps up the good work.  Look for information on Torn Flesh Records on Facebook:  http://www.facebook.com/tornfleshrecords.  For information on the new project, Smat, check out Sirona Records’ website, http://www.sirona-records.com, where you can find out about lots of indie bands/artists from all over that merit a look-see:  there’s quite a big roster of artists on Sirona, including The Merricks, 0s04, Jared Balogh, Epileptik, Golgotha and much more.

So – Happy Listening, everyone!  -KM

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