A Christmas Present From William S. Burroughs

Enjoy this lovable, touching Christmas tale, written by William S. Burroughs, which originally appeared in his book of short stories, Interzone.  It’s called “The Junkie’s Christmas” and it’s a sort of animated-puppet thingy acted out, while Bill himself reads the text of the story in the background.  Merry xmas – the ending of this, any […]

Fictitious Bands But Real Music by a Real Guy

Sonny Smith/Sonny & the Sunsets 100 Records, Vol. 3 Polyvinyl Records Reviewed by Kent Manthie   Sonny Smith is a very interesting character.  He may be one of the most prolific talents you’ve never heard of.  He’s been described as a “vivid and idiosyncratic storyteller in the grand narrative tradition of Tom Waits and Randy […]

NOT The Boredoms…

Shugo Tokumaru In Focus? Polyvinyl Records, 2012 Review by Kent Manthie   Born and raised in Tokyo, Shugo Tokumaru has been around longer than you might realize if you’re not a fan.  His American debut album was entitled Night Piece. Tokumaru is a talented multi-instrumentalist, known for his use of 100s of traditional and non-traditional […]