Cut-Up #1

How Many Slaves Work for You?

We’ve long advocated for a Permanent Fix!

Two centuries after the French people beheaded Louis XVI and dipped their handkerchiefs in his blood Republicans demanded Senate leaders go before volatile wealthy people saying “It looks awful”.  But that progress was overshadowed by gamesmanship:  Students were invited to Human Trafficking Day, lured here with the promise of a job but with the result of endless work in a kitchen.  An individual was recorded to have rescued a severed head from the chaos.

A dried, hollowed squash is adorned with portraits of revolutionary heroes:  Max, Henri, Philippe, Charlie and a Catholic fanatic.

“How many slaves work for you?”  … Upon completion, a number is revealed: I discovered that 60 slaves work for me — cutting the tropical wood for my furniture, harvesting cotton for my shirts and mining precious African metals used in my electronics.  “One can say that there is absolutely no doubt anymore.”  The head was indeed Henri’s.

The Republican leader, later assassinated at the age of 57 by a volatile, fanatic abolitionist made an emergency call to the Frederick Douglass Family Foundation; “I think we’re going over a cliff, the bitter truth is that I’m unable to pay off a debt to The Man.

Meet the Press. 

3D scanning and X-rays

We have to act!

On January 21, Maximilien Bourdaloue dipped his handkerchief in the blood of President Fitter Tweed after his decapitation.

The White House sent the president’s chief mummified head to the Capitol to meet with another gruesome artefact:  Teenage girls, beaten and forced to walk the streets.  “Any deal must include personal freedom and rights for all individuals.”

In the United States, thousands are held against their will; minors, especially, are the victims of ruthless exploitation. While other countries are worse offenders, the United States, according to State Department reports, serves as both a source and a destination for the trafficking of children. In a speech delivered in September, President Tweed declared Jan. 11 as Slavery Footprint Day.  Republicans were the loudest in protesting Bush-era tax cuts and Slavery smartphone apps.

The revolution in which Mitch McConnell and a man named Thornton lost their heads in public executions also saw mobs ransack the Biologia Evolutiva in Barcelona — hauling ancient monarchs like Henri from their tombs and mutilating the remains which they tossed into pits.

Taken together with weeks of negotiations it would be “extremely surprising” if the African-Americans used the executions to call for a renewed commitment to civil rights in America.

“It looks awful,” “It looks awful,” “It looks awful,” “It looks awful,” “It looks awful,” said Carles Lalueza Fox, “Talk to Joe and Fred”.  The white man is waiting over the inheritances above $3.5 million at 45 percent.

All persons held as slaves allow consumers to identify items made by South Carolina firms, but it was not clear that would even get a vote.

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