Churchwood Churchwood 2 Saustex Media Reviewed by Kent Manthie       Churchwood is back, this time with a new full length album, simply entitled Churchwood 2.  This Austin, TX band is a wild bunch of snake-eyed rhythm devils.  Those who remember their debut album and were wowed by it will be delighted to revel in […]

The Mexican-American Blues

The Copper Gamins Los Ninos de Cobre Saustex Media, 2012 Reviewed by Kent Manthie      The Copper Gamins are keeping things going with their new CD, Los Ninos de Cobre.  It is a follow up to their debut EP from last year (2012).  They bring an authenticity with their love of the blues and […]

The Mutants are here – among us!

Shaun Robert, et al. Factor X Monochrome Vision Review by Kent Manthie   Mutant Beatniks is one of the latest incarnations of a long continuum of experimentalist Shaun Robert, who began creating music around 1979, as sort of a hobby that somehow turned into something bigger than her expected.  By 1983 Factor X was born as […]

CUM SOCK/EGO DEATH – together!!

Cum sock/Ego Death Split CD Fight ‘Til You Die Sewer Records Review by Kent Manthie   So – we have another split CD featuring the world famous Cum Sock, with 30 blazing, super-fast speed-metal tracks and six tunes by noise merchants, Ego Death.  This time, the blitz comes to you from your friends at Sewer […]