CUM SOCK/EGO DEATH – together!!

Cum sock/Ego Death Split CD

Fight ‘Til You Die

Sewer Records

Review by Kent Manthie


So – we have another split CD featuring the world famous Cum Sock, with 30 blazing, super-fast speed-metal tracks and six tunes by noise merchants, Ego Death.  This time, the blitz comes to you from your friends at Sewer Records (thanks!)…

Now, as I mentioned, the first 30 songs on the disc are all by grindcore band Cum Sock – each one averages out at about a minute long – some are as short as 25 seconds, others, as long as 1:11.  These quick ditties each have a little something to say about different political themes, such as jerking off in the shower (not in MY shower, don’t you do it in MY shower!), how a certain someone needs a “punch in the face”, getting some skin, Asian fetishes and a spoken word rant about how lame “Emo” is and that the phonies who go to the shows are not at all “punk rock”.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a track listing, so I don’t know the names of any of the tunes, but I’d say, check out tracks 18, 19 and, for a cool instrumental, #26.  Also, song, #29 is pretty funny – another spoken word song talking about working at some place and asking some guy who turned out to be a Muslim if he liked Britney Spears and how he (the narrator) went and had a big breakfast the next morning and then on Monday the Muslim guy never came back to work.  It’s funnier when you hear it – but that seems to be the point of much of Cum Sock’s work – it has a dark, crazy, twisted – but funny – sense of humor that sets them apart from a lot of their peers, who just make up stuff that’s either unintelligible, right-wing nonsense or death-metal.

Then, when you get to Ego Death’s contributions, the last six tunes, it’s a different story:  right away you can hear the difference – Ego Death is no-nonsense, no singing, no melody, no harmony, just straight up NOISE – they do get pretty inventive – using mostly guitars in a way that’s quite unorthodox to create the piercing, metallic, structure-free ambient noise.  E.D.’s songs are a bit longer than Cum Sock’s – well, the first two are both 1:41, but the other four are seven minutes, six minutes, four minutes and nine minutes, respectively.  It does have a dream/nightmare soundscape in there.  The cacophony is atmospheric and somewhat textured, which is a bit like the most bizarre visual collage you could ever conceive.

Anyway, according to the accompanying CD sleeve, you can get in touch/find out more about each band on MySpace – ok, yeah, this one’s kind of been around a while – it was originally recorded in 2007  – but with the downward spiral of MySpace and the rise of Facebook, I’d be willing to wager (if they’re still around) that you could find out how to contact them on FB.   Failing that, I’d say do a Google search for each band.

Enjoy!!!                       –KM



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