Free ad for Hal McGee – Homemade experimental music…

Stirner-McGee coverHere is a little info on some interesting and hard-to-find experimental stuff that you can either buy or trade (for other, like-minded stuff) – either cassettes or CD-Rs.  I got this off Facebook but decided to post it here since I’ve reviewed a lot of Stirner’s stuff and he has worked w/Hal and it’s through a post by Tony for a collaboration tape-CD that I found it – hope you like… km.  Also- you can just click on the titles if you want to find out more info about a specific album or go to buy it – click and it goes straight to that album’s info page.

HalTapes Cassette and CD-R List – February 2013

Hal McGee — Homemade Experimental Music since 1982!   Trades are welcome. All cassettes listed below are also available on home-burned CD-Rs, by request. Information on trades, ordering info, and CDRs can be found at the bottom of the list. Click titles for links to info on each cassette. A printed version of this catalog list is available upon request. I make all of my cassettes and CD-Rs on an as-needed as-requested basis. Back Catalog Releases available by request on Cassette or CD-R
2013 Crystal Awareness and Hal McGee: Signal Load Patterns
K.r. Seward and Hal McGee – Standing As Never Before
Ronny Wærnes and Hal McGee – Decisive thoughts by the intermediate flare
Stirner and Hal McGee – micro meanies 2012 Connection Cassette Compilation 7
Moulttrigger and Hal McGee – Moinesville
J. Surak and Hal McGee – Dictators of Lofi
Rafael González and Hal McGee – Code Red
Fiver’s Stereo and Hal McGee – Wormhole Field Guide
Richard Sanderson and Hal McGee – Doubled
Stactor McGee – Banjo Problems
Dave Fuglewicz and Hal McGee – Dead Hand Decision
The Implicit Order and Hal McGee – A Pick-Up Truck and The Devil’s Eyes
Jiblit Dupree and Canned Ham – The Exploitation of Jiblit Dupree
Abortus Fever and Hal McGee – No Title Comes To Mind
Koobaatoo Asparagus and Hal McGee – Saturated World Connection Cassette Compilation 6
Kathy Burkett and Hal McGee – Fun Daily Activities
Lumen Kishkumen and Hal McGee – Falling into the Cosmic Cabinet
Noring/McGee – Cross Contamination
Hal McGee – as lo-fi as i wanna be 2011
Bryan Lewis Saunders and Hal McGee – 30 Cent Walk-In Dewey Broken Back Clinic
Hal McGee and Kris Gruda – Wallay
Hal McGee – Nature Guy
Hal McGee and Koobaatoo Asparagus – Start From Scratch
Anton Mobin and Hal McGee – Damnation For Rent
Tree and Hal McGee – Projected Margins
Dave Fuglewicz and Hal McGee – Synergistic Reconstruction
Hal McGee and Jiblit Dupree – The Stipulator vs. Glow Bell Worming
Hal McGee – My New Tape2003
Goff/McGee – Verve Of The Void 2002
Noring/McGee – Random Sound Generator 2001
Hal McGee – My Intellectual Property 3:  Sedimental Music
Hal McGee – My Intellectual Property 2:  Big Audio Scrap Heap
Hal McGee – My Intellectual Property 3:  Abfall Man 2000
Noring/McGee – Execution/Operation 1998
Noring/McGee – Solid State Life
Goff Noring McGee – Cryptomnesia
Herd Of 360 Homogenized Dogs – Summit
360 Sound – Tofu & Tobacco
L.G. Mair and Hal McGee: 6J
Noring/McGee – Sonic Holiday 1996
Noring/McGee – Preoccupations
Hagstrom Hofferber Noring McGee – The Room 1990
Phinney/McGee – Heads 1985
Dog As Master – Brash Pussy
This is a temporary list of what I currently have ready for trade and sale. The emphasis of the current list is recent and new releases. I have produced more than 250 albums since 1982. If you do not see a cassette you are interested in, please inquire. I will do my best to make any title not listed above available, upon request. If you have a special request, please list alternates.
-PLEASE NOTE: My homemade cassettes and CDRs are very plain and simple, but neat. The cassettes come with color inkjet-printed two-panel one-sided j-cards. All CD-Rs come in slimline jewel cases with two-panel cover inserts, and the label on the CD-R is plain white with titles in black.
TRADES – I will trade for your homemade cassette releases (preferred), CD-R releases, and zines. No “demos”, “promos”, or mixtapes. – You can send trades without asking first, but please, no more than four tapes per trade. Double CD-Rs (2 X CD-R) count as two trades. – Non-USA tape traders, because of very high airmail costs I strongly suggest trading 2-3 tapes per exchange to get better postal price value per tape. Example: to mail one tape from USA to an international destination, it costs about $9.50. Each additional item costs about $1.50 extra in postage. – I will not trade for vinyl record releases because I do not own a record player at this time.
SALES Each cassette costs $4.00 (plus postage cost below) – dubbed in real time on Maxell UR-60 or UR-90 Normal Bias cassettes – with title hand-printed on label – color inkjet printed two-panel j-card covers on matte photo paper – Connection compilation covers are color photocopy collage fold-outs
CD-Rs also available upon request
for $5.00 each plus postage, or trade All CD-Rs come in slim jewel cases Double CD-Rs (2 X CD-R)  cost $8.00 and count as two items for calculating postage.
Postage USA   1-3 items, $3.00 total postage   add $1.00 for each additional two items Canada   one item, $7.00   each additional item, $1.00 Elsewhere   one item, $9.50   each additional item, $1.50
Payment (in U.S. dollars) – total postage cost + total cost of cassettes = total payment – PayPal to – U.S. Postal Service money orders and well-hidden U.S. currency sent at your own risk
email Hal McGee
My postal address is:
Hal McGee
4230 SW 20th Lane Apt. F
Gainesville, FL 32607 USA
Hope you buy or trade (for) something – Enjoy!
PS – NOT(!) a paid advertisement!!!! -km

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    1. Ohh…so sorry to have taken this long- I didn’t even know (still don’t-got here by accident!)to get to these msgs. -I get emails, usually, when someone comments on my blog, but I’ve never been able to get access to this box which hangs down & contains all the comments I’ve received over the last few years. Anyway, to answer your question: YES, my URL is the same- for’s or you can try Also – my email is and I definitely get back to those much, much faster, since I check it every day – usually in the morning and again in the afternoon & the evening. Thanks again & have a great day. -Kent

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