Three New CD singles from Polyvinyl – heralds of great stuff to come!


The Hearse  (Single)Wampire cover

Polyvinyl Records, 2013

Reviewed by Kent Manthie

Well, Wampire are about to release a new full-length CD, coming soon – hopefully I’ll have it ASAP to review in full. But for now, I’ve got a little tease: the CD single for the song, “The Hearse”, b/w “Das Modell”, a modern-day, delightful cover of the classic Kraftwerk tune, which rounds out the 2-song teaser.

Reading about the upcoming Wampire full-length release, Curiosity, my interest was piqued, which is why I’m hoping that Polyvinyl will send it to me to review!

Wampire is Rocky Taylor and Eric Phipps, a duo out of Portland, OR, among the same “scene” as labelmates Starfucker, as well as Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Then, being around that NW clique ended up being up beneficial since before being signed, Wampire came to the attention of Polyvinyl Records by opening up for Starfucker. Also, when recording their CD, Curiosity, UMO’s bassist Jacob Portrait produced.

Says Phipps, about the style that Curiosity gelled into: “We realized the record began to stray away from having a ‘sound’ and gradually became a platter with an assortment of sounds. The record showcases a flavor we haven’t quite dug into before.”

So, you can see how this two-track single I’m reviewing right now is great but I really wish I could get the whole thing. In fact, keep your fingers crossed and hopefully Curiosity will come along soon and I’ll be able to deconstruct the entire effort.

But, with what I’ve heard from just these two songs: “The Hearse” and the excellent cover of “Das Modell”, I’m convinced that I would really dig the whole CD. Stay tuned to find out what transpires!

The Next single I received from Polyvinyl is reviewed below…

Painted Palms

Carousel (Single)painted palms cover

Secretly Canadian, 2013

Reviewed by Kent Manthie

Cousins Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme are the creative force behind Painted Palms — a duo in the studio that expands to a five-piece band for live shows. The two grew up together on the same block in Lafayette, Louisiana. After Donohue moved to the Bay Area in California for school, they spent several years exchanging music they had made by themselves which includes hypnotic sound experiments and song fragments. However, it wasn’t until they both returned home for the winter break in 2009, that they began playing music together.Canopy is the debut EP from duo Painted Palms.

With its echoes of “Brill Building” pop, its buoyant electronics, encompassing textural experimentation and ethereal atmospherics Canopy exudes something ebullient and effervescent. Canopy is a modern, danceable psych-pop collage with fluidity and a neopsychedelic party-people effect.

Unfortunately, again, I’ve only got Carousel – a 2-track CD single, which contains “Carousel” and “Click”. Just like with the above review by Wampire, I’d love to get Painted Palms’ debut EP, Canopy, which is just coming out. It is on a label called Secretly Canadian, but I received this single with the Wampire and the following review from Polyvinyl Records (Painted Palms’ page read that they’re being managed by Seth Hubbard, who also works for Polyvinyl, which is probably the connection there…)

Well, I will, again, wait and hope to get the complete package from PVR so I can listen to more of their stuff as well as have more stuff to review. But, for now, at least I know that there are, thankfully still some new bands coming around that are not derivative hacks. See ya on the flipside…-KM.

And Finally – here’s the third in the series of CD singles from Polyvinyl:

Psychic Twinpsychic twin cover

Strangers (single)

Polyvinyl Records, 2013

Reviewed by Kent Manthie

Psychic Twin are actually a trio from D.C. & featuring the lush and dreamy vocals of Erin Fein. The band has been around for several years now. In 2011 they released their debut and only full-length CD (so far, let’s hope), an eponymously titled CD. Last month (February) they put out a 7” single, entitled Deepest Part and now, in March, they’ve just released another 7” single, the one on review here, Strangers. This new single contains two selections: one is the title track and the other is the appropriately titled “Dream State”.

Psychic Twin are a very liquid, dreamy, spacey psych-pop sensation. The lovely vocals provided by Ms. Fein top off their soporific, atmospheric ambience.

Here’s hoping that the two 7”s released back to back in February and March are heralds of a new full-length to come. I, for one, as with the teases of the singles of the other two reviewed bands here, would be glad to hear a lot more from this band with some potential for the sublime.

For more information, or to check out what they sound like, you can always check them out at Facebook and they even have a page on MySpace! You can also Google their name and find a couple other pages which contain information on them as well as a sample of what their first album sounded like.

Here’s hoping that 2013 will bring more music by Psychic Twin and that it blows our minds! -KM


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