New Enemy of Peace: PUTIN

Putin as NapoleonOn Saturday, March 23 (2013), A call came into police from the local ambulance service at 3:23 p.m. GMT (11:23 a.m. EDT) with news that a man had been found dead in Berkshire.  That man turned out to be Boris Berezovsky.  Once a member of Russian President Boris Yeltsin’s inner circle, Berezovsky fell out with Putin, and traded  Russia for residence in England in the early 2000s to escape fraud charges that he said were politically motivated and, given Putin’s hunger for power, I don’t find that hard to accept (that it was politically motivated).  He became a frequent critic of Putin, accusing Vlad of ushering in a dictatorship and accused the Russian security services of organizing 1999 apartment house bombings in Moscow and two other Russian cities which were pretexts for sending Russian troops into Chechnya for the second war there in half a decade.

Berezovsky also survived numerous assassination attempts when still in Russia, was firmly in the opposition camp to Putin and the latter considered him “an enemy”.

The Russians even went as far as to accuse Berezovsky of being behind the recent deaths of several journalists, including the oft-cited case of the slain investigative journalist Anna Politkovskaya as well as the mysterious poisoning death (by the extremely lethal, radioactive isotope, polonium-1) of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, who had also been living in London at the time he was killed.  Other former government figures have also turned up dead, due to similar circumstances.  Most people, however, are not fooled.  They may not be saying so, especially those in the know inside Russia, for fear of their own lives, but it’s not hard to figure out that it all points back to Putin.  Consolidating power in what is a newly developing democracy, so things are rolling along quietly, but quickly.  Quietly, to keep the support of the otherwise charismatic, buoyant Putin from slipping from hero to villain in the eyes of the average Russian- the “Ivan-in-the-street”, so to speak.

Berezovsky did have some financial woes of late, having lost some lawsuits and as a result, was in debt for upwards of $60 million.  There were “signs” of a depressed man, some of the usual things going on in his life that may have led Boris to just kill himself, which is the official story going around, that he committed suicide after a deep depression he was suffered that was made worse by his various monetary and supposed legal woes.

There’s no doubt in my mind, though, that Putin is behind Berezovsky’s death. Putin, for years, now, has been busy consolidating his power. He has no use at all for democracy and it should be obvious now to anyone who’s been following what’s been going on in Russia for the past 10+ years now. Once Putin gained the presidency, he had no intention of giving up power. Even when Medvedev won election as Presidency, instead of gracefully stepping down from political life like any democratic leader would when their time in office is done, Putin decided he’d just create a new (for Russia) political post: prime minister, a role which he stepped right into, with no one saying a thing. Sure, he’s been popular over the years with the average “Russian-on-the-street”, with his charisma, his svelte, good looks and faux-populism, but this is total BS – Russians must be easily taken in by charm and muscle-flexing. But not everyone is buying.  Since Russia won its freedom after the fall of the corrupt, paper tiger that was the Soviet Union, an Empire that had risen to such power not only on its immense syize and strategic location, but also on the fact that their military might was often overrated, especially by anti-communist Americans, especially during the peak of the cold war, from the 1950s through Ronald Reagan’s infamous bulking up of the defense establishment – arms, intimidation, proxy wars around the globe, in particular, the ones in Central America – Nicaragua, El Salvador and off and on skirmishes with Iran’s proxies in the Middle East.  Besides his, Reagan used the skyrocketing defense budget to wage a spending war with the USSR, constantly adding more and more missiles, stepping up military presences, even coming up with (but never implementing) the whole “Star Wars” idea, also known as the Strategic Defense Initiative, which is not unlike the missile defense shield that started, in earnest, with Dubya and is, despite cries of foul from both our allies and enemies (now why would the US care if its enemies don’t like the fact that the US is building a “shield”, or more accurately, an anti-missile weapons system that is intended to stop an incoming ICBM en route in space, before it comes back down to earth?) alike.  But that hasn’t stopped the government from continuing this venture.  This caused the USSR, in the 80s, to play catch-up and constantly spend, spend, spend their money in order to try to match the US’s weapons capabilities.  In the end, it turned out that both this overspending spree as well as the USSR’s quagmire in Afghanistan had been failing and a well-armed, well-trained band of determined mujahadeen fighters were using Stinger missiles, for one, to down Red Army helicopters as well as plenty of other weapons that the CIA gladly gave to them in order to stop the Russians.  What a stupid move that was – if only we knew how badly that would come back to bite us, the whole world, in the ass.  But that’s history.

Someone needs to stop this powermad megalomaniac from becoming a new Stalin-like figure: someone who whimsically has enemies, perceived or real, hunted down and killed in either fantastic poisonings -so many have happened now, that the “accident” story is getting more and more unbelievable. And suicide? How convenient an answer that is -especially since dead men don’t talk. Then there are the brave investigative journalists who courageously try to uncover the truth about this amassing of power, centralizing of government and flushing any semblance of democracy down the toilet. STOP THIS MAN!!! Putin is the real threat to world peace, Saddam Hussein was nothing but a sideshow, a stupid game that Dubya and his cronies were playing. It was like a real-life version of RISK (the classic strategic world domination board game). I only hope that people stop sucking up to this despot and start seeing Putin for what he truly is. He’s no friend of the US, that is for damn sure and Europe should be wary as well, since Russia no longer looks to Europe for any kind of influence or as a model to be followed. These new political purges taking place, usually in England, after the person has left Russia, are a sign that Putin is liquidating any and all opposition. This bodes badly for the future.


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