The Beginning for Th.e.n.d.

Th.e.n.d. Annodam 94 Enough Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie This was a nice treat: I got an email a week or so ago from someone, I assume, at the netlabel, Enough Records, which had a link to a free download of the new album by Berlin’s Th.e.n.d., which I was able to get from […]

Loving the Dream Machines

Chris Cook  The Lemniscate Womb Records Review by Kent Manthie Chris Cook is a solo artist in the strictest sense of the term: he plays all the instruments, produces all the sounds, via computer, synthesizers, et cetera. He comes from a little town called London. His latest album is The Lemniscate, a delicate, very ornately […]

What Have We Done to Deserve This???

Living in Hell July 18, 2013, Hunting down truth-tellers (“leakers”) who blow the lid off of secret government spying and basically having trashed the 4th Amendment, force-feeding Gitmo hunger-striking detainees who’ve been deemed to be no threat and have been cleared for release but who are not released and still linger there, with the only […]

Stealing Away the Night

The Blueflowers Stealing the Moon Analog Terror Music Review by Kent Manthie Back in 2004 the husband and wife duo of guitarist Tony Hamera and singer Kate Hinote began their musical odyssey: the Detroit-based couple began back then, while Tony was working as an engineer and a session musician at local studios. Mrs. Hamera, aka […]

Rollicking and Rolling…

The Mantles Long Enough to Leave Slumberland Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie “The Mantles — a sweet yet gritty San Francisco-based indie pop outfit rooted in 1960s garage rock, paisley underground, and the C-86 sound — started out as a three-piece consisting of frontman Michael Olivares, drummer Virginia Weatherby, and bassist Jermaine.” That’s from […]

Summer Teaser…

Lone Airglow Fires R&S Records Review by Kent Manthie Just a little tease here, Airglow Fires is a 2-track single by Manchester (UK)-based Lone. Electronica maestro/producer, Matt Cutler has this single ready to go as a follow-up to his Galaxy Garden LP. This CD single contains two heavy club mixes that remind me of 808 […]

Free Offer!!!

Jackson Scott Melbourne Fat Possum Records, 2013 Reviewed by Kent Manthie This new vehicle for Asheville, NC native, Jackson Scott, Melbourne, has a representative taste – some “Upper South” roots are inevitably present, but with a fine melding of atmospheric space textures that wave across the mind like ether. The album starts out with a […]

Listen Up!

Heliotropes A Constant Sea Manimal Records Review by Kent Manthie Heliotropes is a band that is based out of Brooklyn. Made up of four women, though who come from all over the US – wildly differing places such as West Virginia, California and New Jersey. In 2009 they got together in NYC when vocalists Jessica […]