Life, Death and the Crooked Right-Wing

Frog Eyes Carey’s Cold Spring Self-released, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie Carey Mercer is the driving force behind Frog Eyes. The new album, Carey’s Cold Spring, was made over the course of three years. In that time Carey fought a fierce battle with throat cancer, he lost his dad, who passed away during that time […]

Check In and Stay Awhile

Western Skies Motel Reflections Audio Gourmet Netlabel Review by Kent Manthie Western Skies Motel is a project that is helmed by Danish multi-instrumentalist, Rene Schelbeck. In the not-too-distant-past, Schelbeck played in a variety of Danish indie bands, most of which, have faded into obscurity. Then he took a few years off to start a family, […]

Something “old” is “New” Again

The Microphones The Glow, Pt. 2 Elverum Records, 2013 (originally released in 2001) Reviewed by Kent Manthie Over this past year – 2013, that is – Phil Elverum, main man of The Microphones – has been re-releasing the four great albums he and the Microphones put out 12-13 years ago. If you’ve been following this […]

Add this to your list

Neon Lushell modern purveyors of filth and degradation (in a time of peace and understanding) Silber Media, 2012 Review by Kent Manthie This album is a sonic thrill ride that reminds me a little bit of Throbbing Gristle. It explores new textures of sound, new boundaries that have heretofore been unused, thought, maybe, too outre, […]

Heaven – Coming to YOU

The Band in Heaven Caught in a Summer Swell Decades Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie They’ve been at it for a while now, having started out as a two-piece and enlarging into a quartet, making singles, DIY-style, amassing a fan base in the land called Florida. But Caught in a Summer Swell is the […]

Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

dBridge & Skeptical Move Way EP R&S Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie Darren White is a busy guy. He’s been making music uncontrollably for some time now. This, the latest release by White, using a new alias (he’s also been known as “Velvit” for some of his intense techno/house jams), “dBridge” and he also […]

Adventures of a Dreamy Chanteuse

Nedelle Torisi Nedelle Torisi Asthmatic Kitty Records Review by Kent Manthie Here we come to a brand new album by chanteuse Nedelle Torisi. This is her eponymous debut solo album (first one done under her own name). Nedelle’s been making music for a time now, as a back-up, a collaborator and being one-half of Cryptacize […]

Crisp, Clean Shirts

The Dodos Carrier Polyvinyl Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie The Dodos may not be the most familiar band to the average American, but, contrary to what some people think – that fame and selling a lot of records, at least not since the early 70s/late ’60s, when even the “major labels”, which is all […]