Here, Run With It

Matthew Conley Help Yourself EP Self-Released Review by Kent Manthie Just out is the self-released debut by Matthew Conley, Help Yourself.  It’s a five-song EP that is filled with instrumental, electronic, atmospheric tunes that seamlessly go from one track to the next. It’s a hypnotic delight.  Conley has great talent.  This is a self-made EP that […]

Thanks For The Great Times

I woke up today and got on the web to check out what’s going on, etc. and one of the 1st things I saw was that Lou Reed just died. Lou had liver disease and about a year ago he underwent a liver transplant.  After the transplant Reed did all right – for a while. […]

A Blissful Tide

Lonnie Holley Keeping a Record of it Dust-to-Digital Music Review by Kent Manthie Here’s one that needs to get into your music collection: the just-released follow-up to Holley’s debut, Just Before Music. Keeping a Record of it features tracks recorded in 2006, 2010 and 2011. Cole Alexander, from the Black Lips and Bradford Cox of […]

L’Age D’or

Woodkid Golden Age Green United Music Review by Kent Manthie Here is something worth sitting up and paying attention to: Woodkid, the nom de plume of Lyon-born Yoann Lemoine. Born in 1983 in the Southern France town of Lyon, Lemoine was always a precocious, artistic kid. He eventually attended the Emile Cohl School, where he […]

Lost in Space -YEA!!!

  Celestial Shore 10x Stereogum Records Review by Kent Manthie This great, psychedelic noise & sludge-fest, 10x, by Celestial Shore is a diverse work of a few different milieux, But, in the end, the result is like a mighty tasty cocktail – one with quite a kick to it! The great work that has glued […]

The Hole With No End

Bottomless Pit Shade Perennial Comedy Minus One Records Review by Kent Manthie What can I say? These guys ROCK. Bottomless Pit’s latest work is being released on vinyl, but with a CD version for you people who, in a twist – 30 years ago most people still had turntables and CD players were less ubiquitous […]

Where My Bay-bay lives…

Boardwalk Boardwalk Stones Throw Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie From the moment I started listening to this debut CD by Los Angeles duo Boardwalk, an eponymously titled affair, I was filled with visions of mellow, angelic, ethereal and, at times, melancholy images in my mind. Not unlike the dreamy pop of acts like Mazzy […]


Pat Todd and the Rank Outsiders 14th and Nowhere Saustex Media Review by Kent Manthie Pat Todd shouldn’t be a stranger to those hard-core fans of the dark bar-band scene. From roughly 1984 all the way through 2004, The Lazy Cowgirls, Pat’s old band, was a Southern California sensation. The Lazy Cowgirls weren’t in the […]

This Will Cure Yr ILLLS

ILLLS Hideout From the Feeders Aloe Music, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie Steven Ross, based out of Oxford, Mississippi, is the main man of ILLLS. The interesting thing about the close-knit indie-rock music community in Oxford is that it’s not all about “Southern-Fried” rock. But then again, that stereotype has been sort of thrown to […]

Kickass Buzz

Hickoids Hairy Chafin’ Ape Suit Saustex Media Review by Kent Manthie Austin, TX’s Saustex Media has proudly just released the newest from South Texas legends, Hickoids, a band whose history goes way back to 1984. Their original “run” went from ’84 to 1991. It was in those heady days before technology and robots took over […]