Here, Run With It

Matthew Conley

Help Yourself EP


Review by Kent Manthie

Just out is the self-released debut by Matthew Conley, Help Yourself.  It’s a five-song EP that is filled with instrumental, electronic, atmospheric tunes that seamlessly go from one track to the next.

It’s a hypnotic delight.  Conley has great talent.  This is a self-made EP that shimmers with a multitude of layered electronic sounds.  Not only is there lots of slick synths glimmering, but behind that there’s sampled “found sounds”, voices and a smattering of various synthesized horns, strings, and even choir-like chants in the background.  The latter is especially prominent on “The Hierarchy”.  But on that tune as well as all the rest of them, nothing is static; it goes from programmed sound to sample to keyboards back to synth-ed jams.

The aforementioned “The Hierarchy” is a 5 1/2 minute busy electronica anthem that pulses and pops in and out of various bits and pieces that Conley has woven together.  Another great tune on here is the last tune, “Drone VI”, a heavenly, brilliant floating-on-a-cloud meditation.

But I can’t really say which one is the best tune, as they all go together to create a suite of electronica for the current decade; not looking backward, copying House music or Techno but wiring together a forward looking computer love letter.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then I’d keep a watch out for Matthew Conley.  He’s just beginning his foray into a new wave of crafty, electronic music; made entirely from his own imagination and composed and performed solely by himself.

If you’d like to watch a video of Matt working on printing up copies of CD and vinyl record jackets, with a sampling of the music from Help Yourself, then click here to check it out:

 Help Yourself CD coverAlso – if you’d like to get more information on Matt, visit his webpage, at

Have a spooky Halloween everyone!!!!


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