One CD, Many sounds

Various Artists

I Need You Bad!

Polyvinyl Records Sampler

Review by Kent Manthie

This, the latest Polyvinyl Records compilation sampler, I Need You Bad! was put together by Sonny Smith of Sonny and the Sunsets. I Need You Bad! is a 15-song sampling of great pop-rock tunes. 15 different bands/singers, including one selection by Sonny and the Sunsets, “Those Drawings I Told You About”. Also included on here are tunes by Pure Bliss “Thine Eyes”, Cool Ghouls “Hot Summer”, Chris Cohen “Open Theme” and a beautiful reverb deluxe tune by The Sandwitches “Sun in Rain”, which is one of my favorites – just a gorgeous voice and a guitar played via a high-reverb amp setting (or effects pedal). The song reminds me a bit of the old, 1960s Fleetwood Mac – back when they were a really good band – 4 lads from England, singing white blues (later 5 members, with the addition of Danny Kirwan, a year after they’re 1967 debut). It really makes me think of Fleetwood Mac’s great 1969 work, Then Play On, a very hypnotic, albeit, blues-based record which shows them moving from a Bluesbreakers-type blues band to a more psychedelic-blues mixture. The only difference is that instead of Peter Green singing, The Sandwitches are made up of singers/songwriters Grace Cooper and Heidi Alexander, on guitars and Roxy Brodeur on drums. The blissful vocals on this tune is very catchy and makes me want to get a copy of an album of their own material, like their debut CD, How to Make Ambient Sadcake.

I Need You Bad! focuses on a lot of new bands on the Chicago-based Polyvinyl Records. Every year or two PVR comes up with a new compilation album, full of fresh, new music. Bands that are ready to break out and get some notice. This new one is a treat – as I mentioned, the CD is full of mellow, pop-rock tunes that ring, chime and make one swoon. It also shows that Sonny Smith did a great job putting these tunes together and did it with great continuity.

If you are interested and want to get yourself a copy, go to the Polyvinyl Records website, at Not only will you be able to get this CD, you’ll also be able to check out the wide array of great indie artists that are on their roster. Happy Listening! -KM.

I Need You Bad


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