Wall Carpet


Review by Kent Manthie

Meesh is a band hailing from Ithaca, NY, originally started by Mitch Chisholm. While Mitch put together the first couple Meesh albums, pretty soon Adam Hachey joined with Mitch and started jamming together in college, with Adam finally officially joining sometime in between 2012 and 2013. What is kind of a twist is that, after graduation, Mitch and Adam parted for a time, while Mitch did some traveling and doing the post-college thing, Adam was left to finish Wall Carpet, their latest. He did a good job of singing and guitar, with a bit of violin thrown in along with some odds and ends – Pan Flute, ukulele, some percussion as well as having his girlfriend, Jacky Munoz help out and do some great back-up vocals; she’s got a lovely voice. Wall Carpet is a mellow, acoustic, ‘not-folk’ set of quirky and inventive lyrical acrobatics set to a great, talented musical sound.

In an email, Adam mentioned that he wrote that Mitch definitely inspired the style of some of the tunes. He also arranged parts on here so that, when Mitch does return (and he is slated to come back and be on their next album) he’ll be able to sit in on these tunes without anything being changed or out of kilter.

Some songs to mention here include: “Modular”, which includes an overdub of Adam sort of singing over himself alongside Jacky; the tune works well also because of the articulate picking of the guitar that, sometimes, on the album, can be mesmerizing. “Watching Clouds Through a Window” and “Rest Easy” are other standouts. The former is kind of a journal entry of lyrics, a kind of list of things he’s doing and needs to do, among some observations. This one also has a few strains of a keyboard. The latter (“Leaf”) has a catchiness to it; the harmony that Adam and Jacky provide sounds great. They sound great harmonizing as well as taking turns; “Leaf” is a bit more of a personal thing (introspective?) But its guitar, as on the other tunes, just keeps things moving in its tricky sort of way. The violin on “Modular” adds a nice, bucolic touch to it – a normal violin-with-bow, plus pizzicato plucking of a violin dubbed together.  It all transfers together into a fantastic sound. As I mentioned – Adam is singing different lines that each kind of overlap each other – they’re all mathematic notions, thrown out there in an irreverent way. Then there’s “Heights”, where it picks up a little, that acoustic guitar has a subtle ringing to it. It’s a treat. One other one I have to mention, is “June 9th”, another example of where Adam does the overdub thing, overlapping some of his lyrics with his own, while relating a personal sort of diary-esque lyric.

But really, each song is unique in its own way. That is one way Meesh stands apart – the uniqueness of their sound. As I said, it’s acoustic and a most of the tunes seem to be in a major key, but it’s not folk. It’s not lo-fi, as far as comparisons to other bands of that label sound.

I can hear that they’d make a great act at a cozy club someplace. Not a huge venue, but an intimate setting. The thing that keeps me in suspense, now, is waiting for the return of Mitch Chisholm, who, when he returns to Meesh, will have his own personality to add – musically as well as otherwise. But the fact that they’re all friends should make it all that much easier to accommodate. I can’t wait to hear the next Meesh album, which will, I’m assuming, feature Mitch. That feature will have the effect, alone, of setting down a new and somewhat different album, not a redux of the same old same old, not that I’d expect that. For more info and to inquire about getting Wall Carpet, go to www.bandcamp.com/album/wallcarpet and you’ll be taken right to the page for the album and be able to listen to various tunes from it as well. Hope you like! -KM.Meesh cover


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