Entering Somnabulistic City

Katya Sanna

La Via Delle Stelle


Review by Kent Manthie

When listening to the latest CD by Italian singer/songwriter Katya Sanna, I was totally unsure of what to expect. After the album started, though, I found myself presently entranced, like falling, falling, falling, carefree, down a dark, black hole someplace that, somehow, kept the effects of entropy and inertia out of the equation.

This is a beautiful experimental, stream-of-consciousness foray into the deepest recesses of the unconscious – a dimension of dreams; images of astral projection and an incredibly unique musical poetry. There are actual words sung – in Italian – in places, as well as a lot of interesting swooning and experimental crooning that, along with the ethereal synthesizers and other electronica that backs it up.

La Via Delle Stelle is truly an independent masterpiece; something that I would never expect to find at some crass music department at a big box store – of course not – those places sell nothing but top 40 garbage. If your area has any good independent record stores in it, chances are, you might be able to find it there, but as it is, for right now, anyway, the best way to come across Katya’s beautiful work is to go to her website: http://www.katyasanna.it

If you’d like a description of Sanna’s delectable sound, think of the dreamy, late-night operatics of Julee Cruise combined with the meditative chanting of Enya, with a little Vangelis mixed in. This CD is the perfect album to play when you’re going to bed for the night; the perfect lullaby that will have you in another world before you fall into a full sleep.

I can’t name a variety of tracks that stand out, since they’re all so seamless and as an album, La Via Delle Stelle is one of those rare delights to which you must listen all in one sitting. It’s hypnotic, breathtaking, lighter than air and unbelievably beautiful.

One other place to check out her music is her Bandcamp page – http://www.katyasanna.bandcamp.com/album/la-via-delle-stelle – through there, one can access Sanna’s current and past music – as free downloads! This one is only the latest in a string of inventive albums she’s put out in the last 5 years or so. All quite creative and with her Katya’s own imaginative stamp on them. Enjoy! -KM.Katya Sanna


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