Joan of Arc Video(!)

This is a video for the song “Tell-Tale Penis” which is on the 2008 CD, Boo! Human. – If you’re a hardcore cinephile, you will recognize that this video is JOA’s take on one of the best movies of the 1960s – if not of all time:  Jean-Luc Godard’s 1967  Weekend.  In the film, a young couple is driving across France to get to a relative and score money from the estate, or basically, that’s the idea.  But along the way, they have many surreal encounters – plus, along the way, you see car crash after car crash and multiple car pile-ups with dead and/or dying, bleeding bodies, mutilated, bashed, etc.  So, the man (it’s Tim, I think, playing the part in the video) who you see lighting up a cigarette w/a match over and over again, in a loop, who has blood, or what is supposed to be blood, all over his face and the girl who, similarly, has blood dripping all over her face, represent the young couple from the movie.  Anyway, here it is for you to enjoy:




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