Within Our Clutch

The Silence Industry Brother Sing, Sister Shout Enough Records, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie Starting in 2007, Canadian rocker Graham J started up The Silence Industry. It’s a bit more than a one-man band, however. While Graham is the frontman, the one pillar around which others rotate – a revolving door of sorts, of musicians […]

Spice Rack

Poeticat Third Arm Enough Records, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie This EP, Third Arm, by Poeticat, has a ragged, rough edge to it. What hit me at first was the Tool-esque (for lack of a better comparison) rugged bass line that underlies the song and, at first, was a force majeur that got the album […]

…Like a Sun Rising in the East…

Viktar Siamashka Calavera Self-Released, 2013 Review by Kent Manthie There I was. A-wandering off the path of “normal” (again) when I came across Calavera, a new album by Viktar Siamashka, this groovy cat, about which I knew zero. Of course, that’s no reason to ignore what may be the album of the century or may […]

Paging Doctor Benway…

David Wakeling Clutch Hits, Best of… Self-Released, 2014 Reviewed by Kent Manthie The great thing about DIY music is that you really can do whatever you want: any genre, any style, etc. and the tag “DIY” doesn’t have any musical connotations, i.e., there’s no expectation that it’s going to sound this way or that. DIY […]

No, Not THAT Guy

Tyler Sullivan This Man Self-Released, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie Tyler Sullivan is a “major music powerhouse”. He’s just released This Man, an admixture of woven, dreamy songs. The guitar is very pure and has an echoing reverb to it that adds a bit of the ethereal. That, along with the absence of percussion and […]

More Meesh, Please…

Meesh May Self-Released, 2014 Reviewed by Kent Manthie Meesh is back in full form. This time, with an EP, entitled May. I say “full form” because on Wall Carpet, founder, Mitch Chisholm was only around for a short time during recording before taking some “personal time” off. This left Adam Hachey to finish things up […]


Meesh Meesh EP Self-Released, 2013 Reviewed by Kent Manthie Before Adam was left to his own devices, putting together the balance of Wall Carpet last year, before Mitch took a powder (he did come back, though, for their latest EP, May), Meesh did a self-titled EP in August of 2013. The music on the EP […]

Hidden, Sought and FOUND

Ken Jones Hiding Places, Self-Released, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie Hailing from the UK (Coventry and London), Ken Jones has just self-released Hiding Places, a new, laid-back pop album which shows a lot more intelligence than most pop crap. In fact, at first, I was loath to use the word “pop” for fear of the […]