Today’s the Day!

Deathly the Dog

Horsefly EP

Self Released

Review by Kent Manthie

So, just after posting the review for the “Spider Bites”/ “Bones” CD-single by Deathly the Dog, I got an email from DTD, letting me know that the Horsefly EP was now “on the street”. The EP starts out with “Gasmask”, a tune that was up on You Tube, before the album was released, so I was able to mention it in the previous review. Following “Gasmask” is “Spider Bites”, one of the two songs from the “Spider Bites” CD-single.

The whole of Horsefly is six tunes. The latter four cuts are: “Eraser”, “Sanitizer”, “Undone” and “Gelatin”. What’s missing? That’s right – “Bones” isn’t included on Horsefly. So, I guess that’s a reason in itself to get a copy of the CD-single. “Bones” is a good tune. I don’t know why they left it off the EP – maybe they decided they had enough material already and that “Bones” would be better left off. I don’t know the reason. One can only speculate.

Anyway, as I mentioned before, Samuel Bowman, the vocalist, sounds like a composite of many 80s hardcore bands, but the one singer who he reminds me of the most is Keith Morris, pre-Rollins Black Flag vocalist, Circle Jerks frontman, currently, in a band called OFF! But seriously, if you listen to Deathly the Dog, you can hear that manic, sneering sound that is so Keith Morris. Anyway, it’s a good voice for the style. Silas Bowman, the drummer, keeps a good beat as well as putting some “oomph” into the songs.

Johnson City, TN must be proud of their favorite sons, Deathly the Dog. You don’t hear a lot about punk (or any type of rock subgenre) bands coming out of Tennessee. I’m not even going to bring Elvis into the equation because he really doesn’t count.

So – as I write this, it is February 1st, which means Horsefly is officially released. Now the story can be heard. From what I’ve seen of the videos posted on You Tube of the band playing live at a small club, they seem like they’d be a great act to check out. So – dig it! Let the music begin. -KM.Horsefly CD cover


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