Spice Rack

Third Arm
Enough RecordsPoeticat EP Cover, 2013
Review by Kent Manthie
This EP, Third Arm, by Poeticat, has a ragged, rough edge to it. What hit me at first was the Tool-esque (for lack of a better comparison) rugged bass line that underlies the song and, at first, was a force majeur that got the album off to a good start. But don’t let me mislead you, Poeticat IS NOT a Tool sound-alike. Not at all. They have an idiosyncratic style that is interesting to experience- frenetic time changes that come and go and go up and down, etc. Besides the bass being a heavy, stainless steel anchor that…well, anchors it, the guitars come in fast and furiously. A screaming, not-cacophonous steel-tinged power, expressionistic in its noodlings. Towards the end of the opening, title track, it starts getting really frenzied right before the end. Then, as if speeding down a straightaway in a car, the song slows down as the car does when the brakes are applied and you hear it winding down to a halt.
Unfortunately, right now, “Third Arm” is the only single that is available right now. Something is amiss with trying to download the whole EP. Maybe it’s just not available yet – it could be as simple as that. But, I get, from just listening to “Third Arm” a good impression that will hopefully bode well for the remainder of the EP. I really am anxious to listen to the rest of it. All I can say right now, is that if you like your music loud; ear-piercingly loud, then you will like Poeticat. Forget I wrote anything about Tool. The only time I really thought of Tool was when I heard that familiar rumbling bass line. Other than that, Poeticat has an imaginative sound all their own that has the potential for being the next band to show up on people’s t-shirts all over the country.
The music’s a bit more to the metal side than Tool, but definitely not as obnoxious as the here-today-gone-tomorrow aspect of bands like Korn and the death-metal KISS lookalike, Slipknot, who were big on style but shallow on substance. Maybe Pigface and Ministry, combined with a lack of drug problems – at least noticeable drug problems that lead to musical messiness.
Anyway, do be on the lookout for Poeticat’s Third Arm EP. It’s either here now or coming soon. Check out Soundcloud, Facebook or even, possibly, Amazon.com for information on where to get it. OK? Enjoy it and turn it up, dude! -KM.


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