Spreading the Disease…


Infection EP

Enough Records, 2014

Review by Kent Manthie

Dyman is a one-man-outfit. Hailing from Ermesinde, Portugal, he’s been around a while, just under the radar of the masses, which, if you can manage it and make a living, is great.

Infection marks Dyman’s seventh release to date. His first release goes back to 2007’s Atomic Sound EP which, as for most of his other recordings (a few were released on other labels), were released on the growing “netlabel” Enough Records. To make available their catalog of artists and their releases, one can download them from a couple different sources. One, of course, is the well-known www.archive.org and the other is also, I believe, well-known, www.freemusicdyman infection coverarchive.org site. One can also get to his own website by going to http://dyman-music.tumblr.com and you can always check out Enough Records on the web as well. In 2008 Dyman followed up his debut with a full-length, entitled Digital Nature. Then, the next year, he prodigiously released 3 albums: Insland and 7B5 17050225, both on Enough Records and one called Planner that came out on Abture Records. 2011 saw two more recordings: The Megazine, which came out on Enough Records and Spirits Wathing Humans Walking in the Forest (EP) [I’m not sure that was the correct wording, but it’s what was posted on the website-ed.], which was another non-Enough released CD, this time on Green Field Recordings. Before his latest, Infection, came out, on Enough, he produced two previous recordings, one on Enough: Suns of Neurons, in 2012 and Paralyzed EP on Mimi Records. So it looks like, with Infection, Dyman’s come back to Enough. Dyman also took some time out and produced, in 2012, an album for Lenfall, called Insomnia, on which he also sang. This was released by the British netlabel, Death to Music. In 2011 Dyman also participated in the short film, Lab_v.5 by composing the soundtrack.

On Infection, the four tunes are all instrumental, busy, mechanical and frenetic. Typical of the best of dubstep. The tunes bathe over you in a cyber-wave, at turns melting and building up of intricate walls of sound. Each song ranged from about 2 ½ minutes to 3 minutes in length, giving it about 10 minutes or so of total sound. It’s a nice fit, though, that can go between any number of other CDs – whether it be ambient, industrial, more dubstep or something darkly, mysterious and experimental.

Have I piqued your interest? Then go to the aforementioned websites and check it out and download it if you’d like to include it in your digital library. After that, if you’d like to dig deeper, check out his previously released catalog of works. And then tell a friend or two, maybe then they’ll tell someone else and on and on it can go. That is one the best ways of getting one’s music out there – word of mouth can be a much stronger influence than the most expensive marketing gimmicks. -KM.


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