Keep Glowing

Nick Foster

The Glowing Heart

CD Baby Records, 2014

Review by Kent Manthie

This brand new release from Seattle, WA’s Nick Foster, entitled The Glowing Heart has a completely different sound than the previous things you’ve read about. It’s much earthier, a little rock, a little country, a dash of folk here and there. The resulting mixture is surprisingly pleasant. Without leaning too heavily on the “Country” part of his roots, Foster manages to pull off a smooth, mellow and personal/introspective album.

The first “single” that he’s sent around to get promoted was the opening cut, “All You Are To Me”, which is a pretty good tune. It’s got a nice lift to it, great for an opener, it’s got a bit more punch to it than some of the others, a little more “rock” to it. The next couple tunes (“”Days” and “Letters”) are softer, slower ballad-esque songs, good for a slow dance or sitting by the fire, etc.

Later on in the album, “The Runaround” is a sexy, deliberate attack, backed by a sexy female singer. One of my favorite tunes, actually, is “Better to Swim”, a sparse, soft acoustic ballad that has a melancholy flavor to it. It sheds the pop strains of some of the other cuts, strips away the country veneer and just goes straight for that moment. Following “Better to Swim” is “The Throne”, a longer version of the same, but with drums added. It’s a more refined sound, as if Nick had figured out the right direction to go halfway through, by trial & error. Not to take away from the rest of it. It is, overall, a well-done production.

Right now, if you’re interested, The Glowing Heart is available as a free download. Just hop over to to get your copy while you can! It’s also up on for sale, which is a testament to its popularity.

Foster just finished up a couple gigs in Washington – one at the Chinook Fest launch party at the Crocodile Cafe in Seattle last Friday. The next day, the 5th, he played the Season’s Performance Hall, in Yakima.

This is one of those albums that will change and deepen with further listenings. You can’t expect to absorb all of the clues dropped everywhere at once to get it all in one setting.

I’d say give it a go-round, come back in a day or two and listen again; you may find that you missed out on certain aspects of certain of the songs that you didn’t catch the first time around.

Look out for Nick when he comes near your neighborhood. Definitely, an act that would be appreciated live. -KM.

Nick Foster the glowing heart cover


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