Come Up From there With Your Hands Up!

Above the Underground Sonder Self-Released, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie So – this is Above the Underground, come up from the bunker down below. Hailing from Chester, England, this quartet is a mirror image of their alt-pop brethren from the states. They’ve got a little bit of emo, a little power-pop, a bit “grrr angst” […]

You’ll Alvvays be on my Mind!!

Alvvays Alvvays Polyvinyl Records, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie         In the beginning, back in the old country (Canada), in Cape Breton, two friends were determined to make music and get out of the stifling hamlet they were in. Molly Rankin and Kerri MacLellan grew up as next door neighbors, doodling with musical tidbits as youngsters: […]

The ZEITGEIST is Here and Now!

Stagnant Pools Geist Polyvinyl Records, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie    Just out, from Bloomington, Indiana’s Stagnant Pools is Geist, the follow-up to their debut, Temporary Room, from 2012. Temporary Room won the hearts (and minds) of the intelligent but angst-ridden (not faux angst like the weirdos who listen to Korn and used to think Fred […]

Waste Not/Want Not!

Waste Detritus Self-released, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie What we have here is a five-song EP by this new band, Waste. But I tried and looked all over, but could not find anything about them on the web. Trouble is, when I try to search for these guys, all I get for results is different […]