A Post-Pop Generation

Generationals Alix Polyvinyl Records, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie                                                                         New Orleans duo Generationals are finished with and ready to run with their fourth CD, Alix. This time they decided to take a new route for this album, someone who could bring the novelty back to their work and help to shake things up. They sought […]

Consolidated But Not Dated

Aniqatia Erratics Self-Released, 2014 Reviewed by Kent Manthie This new EP, by Aniqatia, made up of Josh Beck, on guitar & vocals; Chris Navatier, on guitar & vocals, Nick Fritz on drums and featuring Jared Balogh on bass & vocals. This is a different set-up for Balogh, who is known more for his instrumental guitar […]

Sensual Sensational Sense-enhancer

Electric Bird Noise Kind of Black Silber Media, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie So, there I was, browsing through the internet when I decided to check my email and what was there but another e-mailing list email from Brian Silber & friends at Silber Media, which specializes in ambient, shoegaze, noise-rock, experiemental, avant-garde drone and […]