Come the New Year, Come January



Self-Released, 2014

Reviewed by Kent Manthie                                                January meesh cover

The last we heard of Meesh, Adam and Mitch had joined up again and released an EP, entitled May, which was the follow-up to their full-length project, Wall-to-Wall, the album that Adam and Mitch started work on before Mitch took off, to do his “thing” – some traveling around a bit, other personal things, et cetera. Their debut, MR-8, is the one Meesh album I haven’t heard.

Coming out of Cornell University, Adam Hachey and Mitch Chisholm, instead of sticking themselves with the label, “low-fi”, found their muse was in the “anti-folk” path; it was a better fit for them, since there is more to there music than the limitations that “low-fi” might put on you.

Then, in the summer of 2013, a self-titled EP was released that featured a full-band: besides Mitch and Adam, there was Max Petersen on banjo and Georgia Crowther, who sang backing vocals. Another review I read somewhere described the difference between the two (MR-8 and Meesh) thus: “while MR-8 had a feel that was reminiscent of the Beatles, Meesh has a quality that reminded him of Simon and Garfunkel, which he attributed to the addition of Crowther, who added an extra set of pipes with which to harmonize.

Then, when Wall-to-Wall was recorded, Chisholm left in the midst of the sessions, leaving Adam to helm the rest of the album. Hachey recruited his girlfriend, who is also an elegant singer, Jacky Munoz (for further information on Meesh, Wall-to-Wall and May refer back to previous review posts from February, 2014 and December, 2013).

Well, let’s fast-forward to the present (October, 2014): Meesh are back. They are taking it slowly, not over-planning or arranging for things that may change at the last moment, which was the case with January.

The first cut, “January”, has an intelligent pop sensibility to it. The song starts out with Adam’s voice, providing the opening vocal, then Jacky enters about 1/3 of the way through, to intermingle, nicely, with Adam’s vocal. “January” is 2:14 in length and right at the 2:14 mark, the song just cuts right off, as if taking the stylus off a vinyl record (sans scratchy noise) before any ending bridge can be played.

That takes us right into the next tune, “Start the Fire”, which features Jacky on top, vocally, a little more, while still dueling with Adam’s voice. The two of them have a great harmonic pair of voices which go together nicely.

I’m not quite sure what has happened to Mitch Chisholm, in the meantime, but, on January, the credits are: Adam Hachey: vocals, instruments and Jacky Munoz: vocals.

When asked if they had a full-length on the way that January was merely a sample of, Adam told me that they were, at this point in time, just working on shorter recordings; two, maybe three, next time out (if we’re lucky), at a time. Mitch, while MIA from January, is still a viable member of Meesh. He’ll be around, working with Adam, as they traverse the future together, making music and playing gigs.

If you’d like to get a copy of January, go to and get yourself a copy of this beautiful pair of songs. -KM.


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