In Space, No One Can Take Away Your Chill

Anima Dreamheart Enough Records, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie                                                   The new album from South Africa’s Anima, Dreamheart is a mellow, chill-out album with a combination of electronica and some instruments, such as a new-age sounding piano, an acoustic guitar which really cuts through the thickness of the forest of sounds here. At 24 minutes long, […]

Monarch of Dumpsters

Hivehead King Garbage Self-Released, 2014 Reviewed by Kent Manthie                                                         Hivehead has a great-sounding sample of what one can only hope is the future of rock. King Garbage is a 3-song “CD-single”, consisting of the song “King Garbage”, “Your Crooked Face” and “Tangerine”. The title track – or “single” of this short work, “King Garbage” has […]

The Fluffiest, Most Ethereal Pillow

Tyler Sullivan Soft Peaks Self-Released, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie                                       The last album I reviewed by Tyler Sullivan was a unique one, entitled This Man. The cover picture, which, I did not know at the time I reviewed This Man (which is still available on Independent Review for all to read), is actually a composite […]