In Space, No One Can Take Away Your Chill



Enough Records, 2014

Review by Kent Manthie                                                   Anima pic

The new album from South Africa’s Anima, Dreamheart is a mellow, chill-out album with a combination of electronica and some instruments, such as a new-age sounding piano, an acoustic guitar which really cuts through the thickness of the forest of sounds here.

At 24 minutes long, I’d say Dreamheart is basically an EP, consisting of five songs. It begins with a very “new age” style electronic-piano-guitar mixture of a song called “Soaring Together”.

Aptly named, “Soaring Together” does give the listener a sense of flying high, going in and out of wispy clouds, and an overall tender texture. “The Beating Sun”, song number two, is an atmospheric, smooth whisper-thin electronic-based dreamy soundscape which is uplifting as well as having a surprise, which is vocals. I’d assumed that all, if not most, of Dreamheart was instrumental in its form, but somewhere about the three-minute mark there is a couple stanzas of lyrics to provide some lush character to it.

That song, “The Beating Sun” seamlessly settles into “Gli Spiriti”, a song with an ethereal electronic background, filled in with piano and acoustic guitar. The piano on here is quite good. A sort of free-floating, jazz-based piano that really grabs hold of you. Once again, “Gli Spiriti” just glides straight into the next tune, “Spirit of the Valley”, which was done in collaboration with another Enough Records artist, known as M-PeX, who hails from Portugal. “Spirit of the Valley” is filled with a gentle but awesome acoustic guitar which is picking and soloing throughout the song. This terrific guitar sound is layered over an electronic atmosphere which gives it a space-like quality, actually a kind of juxtaposition, the radiant underneath the magical, earthy guitar, which has a kind of Flamenco quality to it. “Spirit of the Valley” is definitely the cut that grabs me the most among this selection of tunes.

Last, but not least, is the cut, “The Waning Moon” a very chill tune, one that was aptly named. Perfect for a quiet, dark night, the stars spreading out their twinkling lights and the sky a little darker because of a moon which is on its way to a crescent, then a little sliver of white and finally a new moon would begin. In the middle the aforementioned guitar and piano play together in tandem, against a backdrop of a gorgeous, lush, tropical sounding electronic background.

I would not hesitate to recommend this album as being a perfect selection as an instrument of meditation or to just lie back, close one’s eyes and chill out for about a half an hour. One of the more relaxing albums I’ve heard come out in a while. Definitely, one of the most relaxing ones that I’ve reviewed in some time. As for the ending tune, “The Waning Moon”, when it gets to the end, it slows down and just as it’s closing out, you hear a bit of outdoor sounds: the chirp of a bird, a wind through the trees, et cetera. If you are a fan of anything this may be associated with: whether one calls it new age, chill-out music, meditating, relaxing sounds of the moon, then you should definitely give Dreamheart a try. For more information and ways to get this EP, visit
or else you may also find it among the many things on hand at from our friends at I’m sure you’ll agree, it’s a very smooth, relaxing, hypnotic listen. -KM.


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