Monarch of Dumpsters


King Garbage

Self-Released, 2014

Reviewed by Kent Manthie                                                         King garbage pic

Hivehead has a great-sounding sample of what one can only hope is the future of rock. King Garbage is a 3-song “CD-single”, consisting of the song “King Garbage”, “Your Crooked Face” and “Tangerine”.

The title track – or “single” of this short work, “King Garbage” has a mellow groove to it: the “up-front” guitar has a smooth, jangle, “clean” sound. The song has a catchy riff that basically “defines” it. The riff consists of a smooth, “clean” guitar sound, with at least one other guitar distorted up a little bit, and a tough beat that moves things along.

The second tune, “Your Crooked Face” has a bit more of a kick to it. Vocals surrounded by swirling guitars. “Your Crooked Face” is a faster, with a certain “pre-grunge” sound you could compare to old Mudhoney or a less sludgy Melvins and even a tiny bit of Jesus Lizard in there that keeps you bobbing and weaving, shaking and shining. There’s also a little bit of punk ethos in their style. At just over five minutes, “Your Crooked Face” seems like the tour de force of the album, even though it’s really a CD-single for the song “King Garbage”. I don’t mean to imply one is better than the other, but that, really, all three tracks on here have something to offer.

They have a talent for keeping the music spirited and vivid, in an underground, “garage” sort of way that shows off a hard-work ethic, which Hivehead seems to be using to their advantage. They also don’t fit in any particular box, especially on King Garbage, which, in its three-song set-up, has three songs that come at you from different angles. This could be experimenting to see what fits in future endeavors. One can only hope that Hivehead keeps on surprising and never settles for anything close to mediocrity – there’s way to much of that, already, in the music biz. Their variety and the sheer talent that one can hear will be a plus in works to come. Hivehead’s a band that is unpredictable, but not so far-removed from song-to-song as to alienate people, instead, it’s a smorgasbord of great music that’s got some sort of foundation; one they can use as a springboard to go in different directions, but always keeping true to some tangible form.

Song three of King Garbage is “Tangerine”, which is only 1:42, is played with acoustic guitar instead of electric, which gives it a stripped down, almost “demo” feel to it.

For a short, CD-single, King Garbage shows off the versatility of the band. That they can go from a semi-pop rocker to a sped-up mode that makes good use of guitars to a short, sharp, shock of an acoustic tune which, nonetheless, has the same intensity as the other two songs.

I certainly look forward to hearing a longer, full-length album by Hivehead, one in which they can really cut loose and run free for a longer period – creatively, they seem like something that will creep up soon and surprise us. So, check this one out, King Garbage and then keep your eyes peeled for the next Hivehead release. -KM.


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