End of Year – but Crashed and was Waylaid…

Hello there and Happy New Year to Everyone!

The long-awaited “Best of 2014” article has been pushed back a bit because of computer troubles over here.

I wanted to have it done before the end of 2014.  Alas, it’s already 2015 – Thursday, Jan. 1, as I write this.

So, my 2nd annual “Best Of…” article coming this weekend.  OK?  Hope all you die-hard fans won’t mind waiting a couple more days.

And if you are in one of the bands I cover and your album doesn’t make the list?  Well, please don’t get mad and don’t think I don’t love you too.  I can only fit ‘x’ amount of albums on to a “Best Of…” list – or rather, article, since, I don’t think I’m going to have a “top 10” list, etc. Just a few albums, not in any particular order, necessarily.  I think that just about everyone who got reviewed made the cut in one way or another.  You’ll notice that there’s not room here for crap.  So, I just write reviews of medium – to – fabulous stuff.

All right then, hope you had a groovy New Year’s Eve.  And as they sing… “Auld Lang Syne”.


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