Banned by the Beeb!

Here is a hip video from the previously reviewed album, Groundless, by Lee Negin.  The title of the song is:  “The Shadow Play” – I got wind that the BBC didn’t want to air it cuz they thought it was too “controversial or whatever…but, here, at INDEPENDENT REVIEW, there is NOTHING off-limits.  Here, there is […]

This Could Be the BEST ONE YET!

of Montreal Aureate Gloom Polyvinyl Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                                                                                         They sure have changed a lot since the Satanic Panic days! After about a year and a half, of Montreal are back with Aureate Gloom, another straight-ahead, less glitter and glam and more rock-based production values; at least that is what it seems […]

Watch Your Step!

Death Zone” is a short film by Austrian video/media artist Monika Ulbrich. The ‘soundtrack” is by composer/musician Lee Negin. In Monika’s words: “The story is about the death zone of the Czech Republic. It was the land between the borders of the communist regime and Austria and West Germany. It was the zone, where the […]

The Amalgamated City of Birds

Electric Bird Noise Unleashing the Inner Robot Silber Media, 2014 Review by Kent Manthie Ahoy, another release by the fabulous Electric Bird Noise, out on the unique Silber Media, which has brought us other such interesting things as Remora, Slicnaton, Chvad SB, Rollerball and more; look out for a new review coming soon for Rollerball’s […]

Pulling the Rug From Underneath You

Lee Negin Groundless, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie Whoops – looks like I missed this release, which may explain the confusion, in that this should’ve been reviewed before Terminus, which is Negin’s most recent release. Groundless came out after The Cheeze Chronicles, Vol. V and before Terminus. So, now that I got that straightened out…After […]

Room for both of Us Now

Damon & Naomi Fortune Ba-Da-Bing Records, 2015 Reviewed by Kent Manthie     So, those of you who remember (and savor) that short but oh-so-lovely, time when the world was moved by Galaxie 500 – then the “spin-off” band, Luna, which, somehow, wasn’t quite as awesome as Galaxie 500 was, may remember Damon & Naomi, two […]

Bliss in Wonderland

Lee Negin Terminus, 2015 Reviewed by Kent Manthie                                                      Well, after having worked so hard on the enthralling The Cheeze Chronicles, Vol. V. and then putting out another groundbreaking full-length […]