Bliss in Wonderland

Lee Negin

Terminus, 2015

Reviewed by Kent Manthie                                                     leenegin-terminus

Well, after having worked so hard on the enthralling The Cheeze Chronicles, Vol. V. and then putting out another groundbreaking full-length album, Groundless, just in the last 2 months or so (for which, BTW, we’ll put up a belated review soon), Lee Negin’s back with a small thing to, at least, keep fans and potential new ears, alike, from having to wait for another “big” project. That project is called Terminus. Its songs are titled (there are only four) as in “Terminal 1”, “Terminal 2”, “Terminal 3” and “Terminal 4”. Each tune is, on average, five minutes, with the last tune coming in at just under six minutes.

Unlike the magical wonderland that was The Cheeze Chronicles, Vol. V, Terminus is a more laid-back project. It’s a kind of “chill-out” zone for “coming down” after the intensely highly displayed, fantasy-dream-world that was Cheeze Chronicles. With a psychedelicized, amped-up ambient sound to it, Terminus is, in its own way, another “dreamy” sleepwalk. I’m especially thinking about the first two tracks, wherein there are some crunchy, electric guitars in the foreground, complementing, just fine, the synthesizers and whatnot, that also contribute greatly. But when you get to the second half of Terminus the wigged out guitars and grooves give way to a more somber, more discrete kind of ambient music; a slow, smooth, mellow, meditative sound, but then, on track 4 the guitars come back again, but in a more “pastel”-colored sound.

At only 21 minutes in length, you obviously don’t get a huge amount of “mantra space”, so to speak, but, it’s still lovely to hear; something, as he wrote me (paraphrasing here) to bridge the gap between projects, so, at least there is still some music coming out of Lee’s talented and in-depth mind and so as not to seem idle or out of ideas (which, he certainly isn’t).

Now, after having heard the exotic and exciting Cheeze Chronicles, and this swooning, black-light, moonbeam, they’ve both lured me in and now I’m at the point where I can’t wait to hear his next album,wondering to what sort of places, mental,visual and/or aural.

No more Bandcamp for Lee!  He’s ditched them in favor of, at least, self-promotion and getting on track with a new service.  Right now, however, the best way that I know of to get in touch with information on Negin’s music is his own website, which is:

One can also pick up a copy from the website, of one of his albums.

Enjoy!! -KM


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