Banned by the Beeb!

Here is a hip video from the previously reviewed album, Groundless, by Lee Negin.  The title of the song is:  “The Shadow Play” – I got wind that the BBC didn’t want to air it cuz they thought it was too “controversial or whatever…but, here, at INDEPENDENT REVIEW, there is NOTHING off-limits.  Here, there is NO SUCH THING as “censorship” – that word doesn’t mean anything except when describing an uptight, stick-up-the-ass prig who thinks they can police the world when it comes to speech, expression and the like.  So – I hope you enjoy – and, please, tell a friend! – give them the URL to Independent Review or send ’em a link!  Thanks – KM.

PS – just click on the link below and you’ll be transported to the land of You Tube.  Why do I link a YT video to this? Well, like I said, this video is not available in certain, “restricted” areas.


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