Walk This Way… For Salvation

Fred Thomas All Are Saved Polyvinyl Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie Ann Arbor, MI’s Fred Thomas has been around a while, a kind of cult favorite, a pretty solid fan base, who’ve come along from either some of his seven previous solo albums or from some of the bands in which he’s played, for […]

“Where’d’ya Get THOSE SHOES??”

Here’s a nice example of Romeo Crow’s work (re:  2 reviews ago):  it’s a new video of his new song, “Shoes”.  Continuing in that same vein that’s on his current album,They Come and go Like Rain, Romeo really rocks.  His vocal on this track are really strong and they complement his fine guitar playing.  The […]

“…Call Me Ishmael”

Lowlands The Whale, 2014 Review Kent Manthie                                                                 Over the past four years, Seattle’s Lowlands was born (2010), then broke apart (2012) and again, came back together for a new birth of sound that has been evidenced on their latest CD, The Whale, an album that was recorded in 2014, but whose songs the band has […]

The World is Not as Bad as It Seems!

Romeo Crow They Come and Go Like Rain Self-Released, 2013 Review  by Kent Manthie                                                                               Just received this new album from this London-based cat who goes by the handle, Romeo Crow. His new album, They Come and Go Like Rain, it’s a six-song EP, full of great, original rock and roll stuff. It opens up with […]