The World is Not as Bad as It Seems!

Romeo Crow

They Come and Go Like Rain

Self-Released, 2013

Review  by Kent Manthie                                                                              
Romeo Crow pic

Just received this new album from this London-based cat who goes by the handle, Romeo Crow. His new album, They Come and Go Like Rain, it’s a six-song EP, full of great, original rock and roll stuff. It opens up with “Storm in the City”, a good, raw, rocking tune. The song has this cool riff that it starts off with, then it keeps going, a gritty, rough tune with some stylistic chord changes here and there which punctuate the tune all the more. He’s quite good on the guitar. On this opening number, he flashes a bit of his genius on a really rippin’ solo.

The next tune, “Get Like This” has a nice rhythm to it, it’s a fluid, smooth but rocking song. Some of the music is reminiscent of some of the great stuff that was out in the early 1970s, certain bands which, obscure, though they may have been, still left their mark. Bands such as Captain Beyond, which featured the first lead singer of Deep Purple, Rod Evans, the future AOR, mellow-minded, singer, who later had a pop-hit, with “What You Won’t Do For Love”, Bobby Caldwell, who, in Captain Beyond, played drums and wrote a lot of the songs.

Anyway, getting back to Romeo Crow, he slows things down a bit on “Sharing Time”, which has a ballad-esque quality to it; it sounds like it’s about a guy who wants to “share some time” with his lover. Later on, “Fat Freddy” has a blues-tinged angle to it, a rough-and-tumble jam which includes Romeo’s great guitar licks. The way he keeps jamming, throughout the song, not just on solos, reminds me a little of Stevie Ray Vaughan or even the great Albert King, who was extremely dexterous on his trademark Gibson “Flying V” guitar and I just love the way it ends: just sort of implodes and then it’s done.

Finally, They Come and Go Like Rain wraps up with Romeo’s self-described favorite tune, “Would You Hold it Against Me”. This is definitely a strong song. It’s a bit slowed-down, but it’s got a kick-ass guitar solo, there’s a passion that runs throughout it. It may be slow but, not dull or dry. There’s a real bite to it. It’s also a perfect finale for a great album – between singing, he really goes off on the guitar; giving a big shot of venom to the song. Yowza! I can see why Romeo would say “Would You Hold it Against Me” is his favorite tune; it’s probably my favorite tune on there too.

The album, as well as Romeo, himself, have a little of that classic “English, White Blues” that was made famous by UK bands like John Mayall’s Bluesbreaker’s, The Yardbirds, Fleetwood Mac (the ORIGINAL Fleetwood Mac, with Peter Green, before it became an L.A.-based awful pop-band, circa the second self-titled album in ’75 and Rumours, in 1977. There was that period after Green left, when Bob Welch and Bob Weston were in the band, when they were, OK, “mediocre”, but, after Buckingham and Nicks came aboard they went straight downhill), Cream and even Blind Faith. Also in Romeo’s music is a little bit of Mike Bloomfield’s rough and ready Chicago blues, like when he played in Paul Butterfield’s Blues band and so on. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is that They Come and Go Like Rain is a great antidote to the saccharine bullshit pop music of today (not the stuff I review here, though – this is an honest, independent music and/or DIY music which is so far from the corporate crap that radio stations try to shove down your throat! Stick with this stuff and you’ll be not only better informed about the good music going on, but, with Romeo Crow, you’ll get a taste of some stuff that is so rare to hear these days, that it’s rare. Go to and check it out! -KM.


3 thoughts on “The World is Not as Bad as It Seems!

  1. Hey Kent! Thanks a lot for this wonderful and thorough review – it’s really cool of you and I massively appreciate you taking the time to do it! 😀 Plus, I’m really glad you liked the music in the first place! 🙂 Cheers bro!

    P.S. If anyone reading this wants to get the EP for free, just head to 😉

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