“Where’d’ya Get THOSE SHOES??”

Here’s a nice example of Romeo Crow’s work (re:  2 reviews ago):  it’s a new video of his new song, “Shoes”.  Continuing in that same vein that’s on his current album,They Come and go Like Rain, Romeo really rocks.  His vocal on this track are really strong and they complement his fine guitar playing.  The song, in Romeo’s own words, is “about going on a journey, moving forward, not getting stuck in a rut, pushing onward to find new opportunities, making progress…and shoes!) [italics, mine].

Hope you enjoy the video. It’s a sort of homemade travelogue of his and his wife’s New Year’s trip from London to the Amalfi Coast in Italy.  As a bonus, there’s an entire “playlist” of Crow’s videos, so, after this one, stick around for more new videos to go along with the music from They Come and go Like Rain. -KM.


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