Here it is…take a big blast, mon.

Risk on Da Disk Dubwise, Vol. 1, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                           Dubwise, Vol. 1 is a new remix album from the Tulsa, OK-based dub-hip-hop outfit, Risk On Da Disk. The album features seven […]

Back to the Heavyweight

  Gruf the Druid Surface Area Marathon of Dope Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie OK, so it’s mid-April. What’s going on? Well, what I want to bring up to your attention today is the new Marathon of Dope release, the newest EP by Gruf the Druid. It’s a relatively smooth riding hip-hop record, with […]

Cemetery Serenade

Darren Deicide Back From the Dead: The Harismus Sessions, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                                                                                  The historic landmark known as the Jersey City and Harismus Cemetery was originally founded in 1829. It is a six acre sized area of land that houses the dead of New Jersey, going back, almost 200 years! Anyway, not too long […]