Here it is…take a big blast, mon.

Risk on Da Disk

Dubwise, Vol. 1, 2015

Review by Kent Manthie                                          Risk on da disk

Dubwise, Vol. 1 is a new remix album from the Tulsa, OK-based dub-hip-hop outfit, Risk On Da Disk. The album features seven remixes of songs from the band’s two previous albums: Chances and Consequences and Redemption along with a brand new track: “Too Hot To Handle”.

On Dubwise, Vol.1, Risk On Da Disk reinterprets their own tunes by basically remixing them and “redubbing” them in their own, inimitable style.

The album continues in the vein of the “dub” style, restructuring songs, rearranging their lyrics, adding extra lines here and there, and changing some of the instrumentation along with adding some echo and reverb that pulsates over heavy bass riffs which act as a great rhythmic driver, emphasizing the beats.

Hope that you enjoy this new sample of some re-worked Risk On Da Disk material; it should keep you going until these guys put out a new full-length that should be out this summer. In the meantime…just keep kicking back and enjoying those Dunhill (the big cigar brand)-sized blunts and wallowing in your delicious dream-states, those waves of beautiful feelings that listening to things like dub, for instance, can be quite entrancing!

Until summertime – kick back and enjoyyyyyy! -KM


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