Residential Exposure???

This: from the Dangerous Minds website (taken from an NBC story of one of the famous  “eyeballs” the Residents were famous for wearing in public, onstage, in pix – everywhere – anyway, let me show you… SAN FRANCISCO POLICE NEED YOUR HELP LOCATING A STOLEN RESIDENTS EYEBALL HEAD MASK The San Francisco Police Department has […]

Wish You Were Here?

of Montreal Snare Lustrous Doomings Polyvinyl Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie Coming to an internet dealer to you quite soon (like, for instance: or, I suppose, you could go to Amazon or some other online fixture):  of Montreal, caught in the act, so to speak, from some live gigs from the recent past, […]

Go, Rimbaud, Go, Go, Go-Go-Go-Go-Go!

Arthur Rimbaud:  Majestic, Anachronistic, Visionary? or the 19th Century’s Version of Jim Morrison? Arthur Rimbaud.  That name evokes so much in people’s minds:  some of them are thoughts of decadent genius run amok, others think he was nothing more than a mad, alcoholic, junkie, who juxtaposed the sacred with profane; the highfalutin with the vulgar […]

Forever & ever & ever

To accompany the below review for the new Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin album, which hits the street one 6/2, here’s a sneak peak at what to expect: the video for “Trevor Forever” -KM.

Top of the World

Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin The High Country Polyvinyl Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                Springfield, MO indie band, Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin (SSLYBY) has a new album in the can and now it’s just a matter […]

Iggy & the Fridge (Video)

Here is a nice little bit of distraction from the drudgery of your everyday life (if you have any…). Iggy Pop’s always been a big influence on me: even when I was a kid: from, like 12-13 up to, well the time I finally slimmed down, I always had this yen which was that I […]

Father, Son & Holy Toast…

Meesh Three New Singles, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                     May has just sprung up the oft-awaited flowers that those “April showers” are supposed to bring. Unfortunately, that won’t quite be the case, here in California, unless you’re […]

Don’t Worry About the Hypnotics

Jacco Gardner Hypnophobia Polyvinyl Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                       One of the coolest, most breeziest, slickest records I’ve heard in a while has just come to light. I’m talking about Hypnophobia, the latest album by […]

Walk This Way…

David Wakeling Detour Self-released, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                                                  Our old friend, David Wakeling is back with a new CD. His last release […]