Father, Son & Holy Toast…


Three New Singles, 2015

Review by Kent Manthie                                    

May has just sprung up the oft-awaited flowers that those “April showers” are supposed to bring. Unfortunately, that won’t quite be the case, here in California, unless you’re growing succulents – cacti, aloe plants and the like: basically plants that don’t need a hell of a lot of water because, well, a lot of them are used to, by Darwinian adaptation/evolution, desert climates.

Anyway, one thing that has bloomed, or maybe I should say, is in the process of blossoming is new material by Meesh (see three previous Meesh reviews, for context- do a search, in the Independent Review home page, for Meesh). I recently received, from Adam Hachey, half of Meesh, the other half being Mitch Chisholm, who was absent from the scene for a time, leaving Adam in charge to finish Wall Carpet, with Adam’s girlfriend, Jacky Munoz, who sings background vocals.

So, these new “May flowers” I am writing about are three new songs by Meesh. Three new tunes which are preludes to a new, full-length album, which should, most likely, be coming out this summer and, of course, will be reviewed here, once it comes out.

The first of this new troika, “Lake”, starts out with a nice low-note (or high bass note?) riff which is not unlike the great Rob Crow’s previous bands, like Heavy Vegetable, Thingy and his latest, still going concern, Pinback. Also, “Lake” is an all-around mellow, but not melancholy song. I detect a bit of optimistic reflection, an emotional slow ride on the rails. Whatever else can be said about “Lake”, I like it!

Song number two: “Endings” is also a quiet, mellow tune, with hushed tones and also a catchy, “upbeat” (although, without a beat, per se); it’s a song about those inevitable endings that occur in pretty much every endeavor, project, many relationships which, then, usually bring about guilt in one of both parties, etc.

The final song in this triumvirate is called “Glenn”. I admit, somewhat, to being a bit mystified by this guy named Glenn, who shows up in the refrain – “Glenn…Glenn…Glenn” Nonetheless, it’s another good song, fits in with all three of these new tunes, which I hope will be included on their next full-length release, which may be out by this summer.

So, for now if I’ve piqued your interest with this reviews and you and you’d like to hear them, then go to https://soundcloud.com/meeshartists/lake or https://soundcloud.com/meeshartists/endings or https://soundcloud.com/meeshartists/glenn.  You can also visit https://www.meesh.bandcamp.com – just another recommendation for you.  Hope you like.  Let me know what you think.  -KM.

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