A Mind Trip


Dream World &Other Playlists

Self-released, 2015

Review by Kent Manthie

There’s some groovy ambient music spinning our way and it is the product of none other than Brainvoyager, a one-man outfit who is strictly indie. No encumbrances of any label, just himself, his recording gear and one hell of an imagination. This is not what I’d label “EDM”, which is really just a new name for “techno” and “house” and “electronica” all rolled into one, with a newer, further-into-the-21st-Century-spin to it. No, this is more like a spiced up, nouveau Eno-esque, hypnotic ambient ride. Liquid, fluid, fleeting, almost ephemeral, except that it stays with you, whether it’s in your mind, after it’s over, or while you’re listening to the long, 10+ minute-long tunes.

I received a batch of new tunes from Brainvoyager via Twitter, believe it or not. By some great miracle, I’ve been getting a lot of new followers on Twitter over the course of the last six months or so. I don’t know, exactly, where/how they’re finding me, but finding me they are. Brainvoyager found me and had seemingly, specifically found me via my occasional Tweets of recent reviews that I’ve posted onto Independent Review. This came out of a bit of back-and-forth between him and I and resulted in his sending me a link to his Soundcloud account which included several playlists of his music. So, I went there and have been soaking up the vibes for a bit of time now and I can say that this guy is great.

On the third playlist, entitled Dreamworld, I listened to the most recently. And for description’s sake, I can say that the first track on there, “Merging Moments” has a very Music for Airports thing going on – it starts out with a lone, piano solo, but in a atmospheric way; next, “Everything is Fine” has more “moving parts”, so to speak, synthesizers, drum machines, chime-sounding things ringing in there, with a particular theme going on in and around that ringing, on a synthesizer. Later in the song, it keeps your attention by changing up the sound groupings and at the same time, purposefully getting you lost in the ether of the atmospheric textures that you lose track of said time.

“Nothing Will Last Forever” is a really chill-out, set at cruising speed. It has a lot of “sharp angles”, synthesizer-wise, here and there, that punctuate the specific sounds and some exotic rhythms that come in and out at the right time. Later on in the song, things speed up a bit and a cartoon-y synth-sound comes in and colors, brightly, the soundscapes.

There are about four or five playlists, altogether on Brainvoyager’s Soundcloud page and I really can’t go through everything on them now, but, suffice it to say, that another one, simply entitled Single Tracks, starts out with “A Touch of Oblivion” which has an ethereal, space-based chill vibe and really does grab hold of one’s psyche.

Oh, there’s just so much to involve yourself with on Brainvoyager’s Soundcloud page. So, I hereby invite you to visit there as soon as you can. If you find yourself as entranced as I did, you can contact Brainvoyager directly, via his Twitter handle: @brainvoyagerMsc – and he, I’m sure, will reply to you and your requests for the wheres, hows and whatfors… In the meantime, though Soundcloud is your best bet for a quick review of his main set of works: https://soundcloud.com/brainvoyager/sets should take you right there. Enjoy it!! –KM.


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