A Bit of Deerhoof…Live in Japan

Here is a treat for you die-hard Deerhoof fans, or anyone else who’d like to see some good live indie footage.  It’s Deerhoof playing “We Do Parties” live in Tokyo. Also:  keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming review of the live album from which this clip comes.  This is just to whet your appetite. […]

Ten Years Later…

These Curious Thoughts A Decade in the Shadows Viaduct Records, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                                                       Jim Radford and Sean Dunlop […]

Surf’s Up!!

Lee Negin Surfing Samsara, 2015 Review by Kent Manthie                                                            The cosmopolitan Lee Negin, originally from San Francisco, who was, for a while, living in Seoul, Korea […]

The Limits of Control

Here is an interesting little read I came across on the web recently.  It is a transcript of a lecture that William S. Burroughs gave – imagine that: 39 years ago!! -in Ann Arbor, Mi, at what was known as the “Teach-In”.  Below this introductory paragraph, you’ll see three words: “MIND CONTROL COMPLETE” – simply […]