Roy Lichtenstein: In the Car/Oh…All Right

While Lichtenstein’s lovely 1964 painting, Nurse, was just auctioned at Christie’s this last week, going to a Chinese buyer for $120 million, putting it into the “over $100 million club”, along with such other greats as Picasso, Warhol, Munch, Modigliani and Francis Bacon, among others, I thought I’d give my readers a glimpse at a couple other of Roy’s groovy paintings.  One is In the Car and the other is Oh…All Right  (each one is pretty self-explanatory, so I found no need to differentiate each by title: their titles will be obvious).
One thing I’ve always loved about Lichtenstein’s work is the hard work and detail he put into these paintings, i.e., all the tiny dots that went into much of the color comic strips of which Roy did a fabulous job in capturing the essence of as well as the vivid colors that just jump out at you.  I do so hope that you will enjoy this as much as I do…-KM                                                                                                                                    roy-lichtenstein-ohhh-alright-1964roy-lichtenstein-in-the-car-c-1963


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