Hit the Dance Floor!!

Lee Negin

Frack Art, Let’s Dance Single

Passing Phase Music, 2015

Review by Kent Manthie                                                            Frack Art, Let's Dance!

For this, his latest, Lee Negin is experimenting a little with the overall electronic-based music by mixing in a little bit of what he describes as “EDM” into this single, “Frack Art, Let’s Dance”. As of now, December, 2015, it exists only as a single, as opposed to one of his last couple long-form releases (Surfing Samsara and the conceptual “technopera”, The Cheeze Chronicles, Vol. 5).

On “Frack Art…” Negin takes a breather, of sorts, relatively speaking, that is, since it contains the same intricate touch with which his other work is layered. He made a point of mentioning that it’s an “EDM” single, but that he really isn’t all that into EDM.

But, while it is true that “Frack Art, Let’s Dance”, even by its name, has a dance-y style to it, it certainly doesn’t detract from his previous works.

I suppose one could make the case that Lee decided to cut loose and go with “Frack Art” as a way to get a new tune out while not having to lay the groundwork for, as an example, the Cheeze Chronicles – an album that is a superlong meditation on a post-consumerist society; a “Technopera”: something one needs to take the time to listen to in one complete setting. Cheeze Chronicles is a marvelous, 90 or so minute psychotronic (to coin a word) reverie which is out of this world, but simultaneously takes aim at the hyper-consumeristic society which is no science fiction, but, sadly, the banal reality one must face every day. Cheeze Chronicles takes aim at this craziness and sprays it with hypnotic psychedelia which contains an irreverent, sardonic leveling of this whole upside down world where fictional television characters and the advertising that society’s blasted with, night after night, for many, shows them how to live, what to wear, what to buy and why they need all this stuff. But Negin doesn’t use a hammer and pound out a polemic, attacking, pedantically, this cultural trance many in (especially) The West are under. Instead, he uses wit and humor to counterattack with a better and more enjoyable hypnotized, psychedelic set of ethereal, atmospheric, textured lovely music that really digs in and, erases the damage, at the very least, for the duration of the listening, or at the best, it has the potential for expanding your consciousness and opening up new doors for you to go through and shut behind you in order to get away from the madness and drown out the noise.

Anyway, back to “Frack Art, Let’s Dance”. On this single, a three-and-a-half minute electro-pop-dance record, Lee seems to be enjoying himself, letting go for a little while and offering up something for that cult of the “clubkid”: a self-styled EDM cut which, compared to the aforementioned works, lets Negin get loose and not be worrying about tomorrow, but living it up tonight. But don’t worry, there’s always more to come.

It’s also good to hear something whimsical that still contains elements from Lee’s deep, Wonderland of an imagination. Stay tuned because there’s more on the way!

But if you’d like to find out what is available and more information, I’d suggest you go here: http://www.leenegin.com – from there you can glom on to all things Lee Negin: New releases, a video and art gallery, a biographical and discography page as well as pathways to previous works, including Hungry Ghosts.

Also: here’s hoping that we’ll be able to see Lee playing live at more and more venues around, both internationally and here, in the States. I’m sure it would be a mind-bending show that gets all the senses fired up! -KM.


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