Princess for a Day (or a few)

Princess Century


Paper Bag Records, 2016

Review by Kent Manthie                                                       princesscenturyrendezvous

Maya Postepski is quite the busy woman lately. One part of the Toronto music scene, she’s been at it for 10 years and is still going strong. Besides being a driving part of this three-song EP by Princess Century, entitled, Rendezvous, Maya’s also an active part of electronic pop outfit, Austra, which is also on Paper Bag Records. Besides this, she’s also an amazing DJ, a remix artist, as well as having collaborated with Robert Alfons, producing TRST, with Robert, in which they call themselves Trust, on Arts & Crafts Records.

This short, three-song CD is quite delightful and it’s actually a shame that it’s so short, since, once you start getting into the chemical atmosphere, the ethereal qualities of its pulsating beats, driving instrumental, electronic-based hypno-numbers, i.e., “Robber”, “Wet” and “Rendezvous”, suddenly it’s all over and you’re still just getting into that trance, when the music stops. Of course, you could put your player on “repeat” and just keep listening to it, over and over again, but that just wouldn’t be quite the same way a longer, more elaborate album would do it to you.

Maya herself put it this way, in a quote: “Rendezvous is an EP comprised of tracks that are a departure from what I normally do…” She was talking about this, I believe, in connection with the full-length album Progress, from which “Rendezvous” comes. “The tracks didn’t quite work on the album (Progress), but I felt they shared a weird, Krauty (e.g., Krautrock), EDM vibe… I love the concept they tied in with the single (“Rendezvous”): a meeting with someone that is arranged for a particular time and place and is often secret”.

Not having heard the whole album, Progress, I really can’t say whether or not I’d share her estimation of it. In fact, to be honest, I’m not really quite sure what she means by “The tracks didn’t quite work on the album…” – I must be missing something, e.g., the whole of Progress.

Anyhow, whether or not these three songs, on the Rendezvous EP or “CD-single”, are out-of-place on the full-length album, I was quite enthralled by them. If the rest of Progress has this sound or whether she was intimating that the three on here are an exception to what makes up the rest of Progress, I just can’t say. But, who knows, maybe Maya was just being modest. Oh well.

At least, though, one has the option to, before taking the plunge with the full-album Maya was talking about, one may get a hold of this 3-song EP/CD single, or whatever they’re calling it. I think it’s a beautiful sample of what she’s capable of and, if this is any indication of what a bigger project of hers sounds like, I’d be excited to give it a listen. Or, are you one of the loyal fan-base of hers who are familiar with the music, give this small one a try and see if it lives up to what you’ve come to expect from Maya Postepski.. This being my first time hearing her and reviewing her music, whatever band she’s operating with, I’m not all that full of comparisons to previous music of hers or from her previous collaborations, but I can say that, from what I’ve heard, I think she’s got something wonderful going for her and I hope she keeps it up.

May the club lights and speakers rumble with her music for some time to come!

Want some information on Paper Bag Records or Maya? Check out: or, for information on Paper Bag in general, go to: -KM.

Maya P pic


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