Medication Time, Party People!!


Jura Libra EP

FoF Music, 2016

Review by Kent Manthie                                                        

Coming out on April 15 is a new 2 song/4 version CD-single or, maybe it can pass for an EP…anyway, it’s Jura Libra from Larytta, a Swiss duo, comprised of artist-producers Guy Meldem and Christian Pahud. The two have, since their eponymous debut in 2005, been releasing a variety of stuff, like their next EP, Ya-Ya-Ya, in 2007 and on the Friends of Friends, Vol. 2 album along with Beauchamp. Finally, in 2008, Larytta released their full-length debut, Difficult Fun, in which they experimented putting together an eclectic mix of innovative yet inviting electronic-on-edge-music and quirky, sometimes just fun, lyrical wordplay and so on, which has earned them a good-sized cult following and a wide mix of fans. This did a lot to open Larytta to a wider audience, which has provided nothing but benefits, for the most part, anyway.

I think it must be the efficient creative team – just a duo, which helps weed out needless duplicity and redundancy, maybe closer control and better eye on things like continuity, etc. which is one mark of a great producer and they use many, this duo made up of “artist-producers”. The thing about Jura Libra is that I’m not entirely sure how far that song (“Sexy Front”, the first two cuts) is going, or rather, “is coming from”, would be more accurate, meaning, is it something from a longer, previous album, something from an upcoming album? And what about “Bota Mao Pra Encima” and the “Larytta Remix”? Are these originals? Made just for this release?

Or is it, like, this one-off single, with one remix, along with another song that also has a second version: a remix of that one too. The former of these two would really make it an interesting creative endeavor.

The music of Jura Libra, the two versions of “Sexy Front” and the two of “Bota Mao…”, well, the first one is a high-energy, dance-piece which has – both songs do – a Latin flavor to it, that adds much sensuality.

Their next full-length album, Jura, should be out sometime this year. Keep an eye out for it, you’ll be glad you did! Check out: for more information, about the band, the new album and to purchase it. –KM.


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